Please help me to get my wii working with alienware OptX AW 2210

aight, i’m thinking about buying the OptX AW 2210 screen as i don’t need a tv and i want lag-lessness on my 360. i don’t care as much for laglessness with my wii, considering that i don’t play anything competitive there since melee kinda dissappeared of the scene a couple of years ago.

since the wii doesn’t have hdmi and i don’t know about any dvi-thing about it, does anyone know what i need to get it working since the screen only accepts hdmi and dvi? i need desperately need something to play mario galaxy 2 and no more heroes 2 on aswell as all my 360 games and KOFXIII when that golden child comes. also it would be nice if it didn’t cost an insane amount of dollazzzzz and could be shipped worldwide from where you can buy it

thanks in advance

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