"Please Help Me!" UMVC3 Felicia Tutorial/Beginner's Guide



Howdy, fellow cat players. If you are interested in playing Felicia, this video is a good first step into figuring out what her potential is in this game. This video starts from the basics into the more advanced stuff, so if you are thinking about putting this kitty in your team, come take a look!

Each segment is in these time spans:

Part 1 Broadway Basics: :08

Part 2 Broadening the Broadway Basics: 3:26

Part 3 Broadening the Broadway Basic BnBs: 6:56

Part 4 Assist Me!: 10:25

Part 5 Additional Tips, Tricks, plus assists: 14:19

I haven’t been to the SRK forums for quite a while, so hopefully this thread brings back some life to these dead forums lol.