Please help me with critique for this match

World Game Cup doubles, my team vs Ryan Hart & Kenpachi. I played Kenpachi. I got totally destroyed, I looked like a joke.


What did I do wrong here? I know I jump too much against Ryus, but the footsies went really bad. I haven’t played a Ryu with such good footsies before so after the match I felt I was not prepared for it. Especially as he was mixing crouching MK with standing HK - most ryus I have played just try to spam crouching medium kick.

There were points when I got a crouching LK or LP in but failed to cancel into green hand, I know these points were critical for knockdown mixups and the game may have changed dramatically had I done this, but was there anything else?


Long-time lurker, first-time poster, so here goes…

a) EX-GH on reaction - a lot of those fireballs were in range. When I start this match I hang back and build meter by avoiding fbs with KKK - you build faster than Ryu and force him to come to you, always a good thing. In saying that...

b) Patience. I think that you must have got quite frustrated in the first round by his footsies and just started doing risky things, jumping etc. Advancing with GH at the ranges you were is always a bad idea if Ryu's got footsies. I personally don't use GH to get in footsie range or for whiff to SPD - I find it too risky. I only use it at fullscreen to get into mid-range. Continually throwing out attacks isn't going to help much either once you're in. Stick with chop,,, s.lp and c.lp in footsies, and don't throw them out continuously hoping for a bite, instead, keep em guessing and force em slowly into the corner. At some ranges is good too, either you'll hit, get blocked and closer for tick, or whiff for SPD or another DEFINITELY stay away from - it's not as good in this matchup as everyone says it is. I tend to just use chop because it's fast and safe on block. That said, you could probably use to tag the end of Ryu's more often, meaning that you're out of range for his, and It also buffers which will help you get Ryu on the floor. Being more patient in footsies also means you're looking for the opportunities and thinking more about what you can do - the last round you had a lot of meter but stayed focused on trying your footsies out (which he beat you at), and even one random EXGH (which you could have FADC'ed out of if blocked) could've led to that knockdown. Play to your strengths in tournament, it's not a sparring match.

c) Execution. Buffered pokes would've been your friend here, which is another reason not to use - it doesn't cancel, hangs out forever, and isn't as fast as chop. I'm sure you already know this one but it bears repeating, because it lost you a few opportunities to get a mixup going. I was going to say that Ryu's f.hp should've been punished by command grabs, ultra, ex grabs or ex-hand but it's safer than I previously thought - 0 frame advantage, so backdash was a pretty safe option for him. ex-spd mighta caught him though, and it's probably a better habit to watch for SPD punishes than hitting mp, because close mp sucks ass sometimes, whiffing when it should definitely have hit. I think another thing to practice is the>s.lkxx exgh link, because if you land chop, free knockdown. I'm just starting to practice this and it's actually not very hard, so if you think it might be useful to you definitely check it out.

Just my thoughts - I haven’t seen or in footsies before either, but I’m usually not that close. I can’t exgh on reaction or buffer lk xx exgh consistently yet, and I’m always jumping because of it - that’s what I get for playing on pad I guess. That guy was good, but I think you made some crucial errors too. Hopefully this helps you improve your game for next time, I wish you the best of luck.

Ryu’s and is pretty good in countering your pokes. That’s what I found out anyways. But if you see him trying that a lot, you can just switch to cr.jabxxEXGH. That’s the great thing about gief, you can buffer EXGH with jab, cr.jab,, or Each one of those is useful for different situations and in different match ups. Just make sure to practice it in training mode so you can do them 100% without messing up. Also, make sure you can doing the buffers from a crouching position as well as standing position. That’s what I’m currently working on right now. It’s coming along. I can hit them pretty consistently in training mode but some times, the EXGH wouldn’t come out in a match or I would just mess up my inputs and get jab GH or something. Just needs more practice I guess. But it’s definitely pretty sweet when I hit that in a match, especially with cr.jabxxEXGH against Sagat’s st.HK or cr.lkxxEXGH against Chun Li.

Dont go on the attack vs ryu untill you have at least 1 bar that way he cant throw those mid range fbs. Also punish mid range fireballs with ex gh. Also if he’s just blocking ur jump ins and not punishing with dp’s empty jump to spd. I think u should have jumped in more not less. Just because he’s throwing out random pokes dosent mean u need to. If u land emptys to spd it will make them want to focus on anti air which means he’s not as focused on pokes or controling space. Try and move him towards the corner any time u can do it safely. Once u figured out he was better at pokes then u stop playing his game and make him play yours. Also buffer c short to exgh.

You didn’t lose to the footsie/zone game per se. Yeah, that Ryu had good zone skills, but I think you lost because in all honesty, you played HIS game, not yours. And for Gief vs Shoto, it means you were impatient.

Some of those FBs were in EXGH range, but he got you to think twice about coming in on him or tossing anything out. Well played on him. The other thing that you’re probably kicking yourself for is eating all those mid-range FBs. FADC > backdash to gain some meter. Gief101 :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, the s/c lp/lk option select EXGH helps out in the match to get you the knockdown and mixup options, but that only helps so much if you have problems getting close in the first place. Also EXGH related, since you had 3 bars in the 2nd round, you could’ve tried for a safe FADC version.

I can’t watch the video at work so I don’t know what’s going on in the video. But just a note, if Ryu has super, FADC EXGH is not safe. He can reversal super you.