Please Help me with JLF stick

I just put my new jlf in my se stick but it registers every direction besides Up, Upleft, and Up right… any Ideas are appreciated!

check the connection to UP

Ok so with some testing I put my other stock se stick back in and it registers everything is it possible I have a DOA jlf stick.

It’s possible that the up microswitch is bad… Do you have a multimeter to test it with?

Nope I dont :frowning: sucks too cause of the shortage and I just got the parts in today any other things I cant try

Are you using the same wires to connect both? Could be a faulty wire. If it is the same wire it could be the microswitch box

Yes Im using the same wire. Haven’t opened up the microswitch box yet though going to do that now. Thanks for the suggestions so far though guys really appreciate it

if the microswitches are bad, you might wanna look at the cherry switch mod, you;ll love how the stick’s gonna feel.