Please help me with modding the TE with Seimitsu parts


i bought TE last yr
I was thinking upgrading the stick part and button parts but somehow i was lazy and out of cash, so i didn’t do so.

I am planning to do it now, just before i purchase from lizardlick, can anyone confirmed for me what are the best buttons and joystick parts i should order??? ( I assume I should change all to Seimitsu parts, but cannot remember which one i need to order)

Seimitsu LS-32-01 Ball Handle Joystick, 2, 4, & 8 Way
Seimitsu LB-39 Clear Joystick Ball Top
Seimitsu PS-14-KN 30mm Pushbutton threaded

And by replacing the parts above, will I feel significant better on my TE? What’s the main reason why people want to swope the TE sanwa button with Seimitsu button?? mainly for transparency or??

thx for help


So having used both an LS-32 and an LS-40, I would suggest an LS-40 actually. It has a far tighter feel and has very short throws. It’s stiff enough to keep you from accidentally hitting directions you don’t want, but the short throws mean that you can still hit the direction you want easily and quickly. The LS-32 has a pretty good feel, but it can get a bit awkward riding the gate and the large dead zone helps in not getting directions you don’t want.
For the buttons, the seimitsu give better feedback when you push them, but the sanwa are easier for slides (Honda HHS, Blanka Electricity, Gen Hands, Chun Legs etc for SF4 examples). That said, I main Honda and after 5-10 minutes of practice I had adjusted. Also, i’ve only put a few hours into my buttons so they may soften up a little as they wear, which would be good.
In general, seimitsu parts are a bit stiffer giving more feedback when you activate them. Whether or not that is improved is an opinion.

For dropping in a TE you need the seimitsu S mounting plate. Usually comes standard on the LS-32, but you have to buy one separate if you get an LS-40. It’s like $5. The -01 lets you use the wiring harness that’s in there but you have to flip the harness over when putting it on the stick. Also, if you use a Seimitsu stick with the S mounting plate you may have to modify one corner of the mounting plate if you use Seimitsu’s screw down buttons as mounting plate will obstruct one of the light attack buttons if you don’t.

Personally I love my Seimitsu parts and I don’t feel right playing on Sanwa stuff any more. That said, if you like the way the TE feels, stick with what it has in it. If you don’t, try stuff until you find what you like.


Good to know goblinmarine, I just got my first LS-32-01 and wanted to know the differences of the LS-40 and LS-56. I’m thinking about going for the 40.


thx mate
u helped me a lot
i think i will try your suggestion to get LS-40 and Seimitsu SS “S” Joystick Mounting Plate

personally, i like the current TE, but it’s not accurate, and it’s getting worse. After 6 months not touching it, I felt the charging L>R, down>up is getting harder, sometimes it’s getting mis-directioned some how. maybe it’s out of alignment…i don’t know, sometimes when i want to do a simple sonic boom, the guile jumps (never happened before)
Moreover, i found QCF is getting harder to execute now (when i stand on the left), so it’s good chance to replace it with LS-32 or 40.
I have trouble doing full circle or full circle with TE unless i switch to right hand. I think it’s because of the square gate, hope LS-40 will be easier

for the button, i don’t like the way how my TE feel at the moment, somehow, all the 8 buttons don’t give me consistent feel, for example, my X doesn’t jumps up as much as Y when i hit it. and grey LB, LT button feels different to the rest of white button too.

So i think i will give them a go. I live in Australia, shipping might be expansive, so i am planning order everything at once from lizardlick.

Are there anything else you could think of worth grabbing as well besides the S mounting plate??? e.g spring??