PLease help me with putting gifs into avs

I don’t know how to put gifs that move into my avs. I have Adobe Photoshop and Image Ready (both are version 7.0) I can edit the moving gifs, but how can I get them into the picture? Any help is appreciated.

Every animated GIF has multiple frames of animation. In Image Ready, you’ll want to have the avatar file with multiple layers (as many layers as you have of frames) So, if you have 4 frames of animation of the GIF, you’ll probably want 4 layers. Each layer represents the frames of animation. The first layer is at the bottom. The second is above that one. You’ll have to do some dinkering around in the animation window I think. Play around with that.

When you want to save the avatar, you go to File > Save Optimized As

If you go to File > Save As, you’ll end up saving the file as a Photoshop file. It won’t be an animated GIF if you do that.

Read the fucking FAQ