Please Help (PS4 supporting 2 PS3 sticks)

I recently bought USFIV on PS4 in hopes that I would just be able to upgrade from PS3. I have two sticks, both MadCatz, one is the SFxT TE and the other is an older black and red TE model from around the vanilla SF days. I cannot for the life of me get them both to work at the same time in versus mode. I’ve put hours and hours and hours into the Street Fighter IV series - completing many trials and arcade runs and playing online. I have no interest in playing USFIV alone. I bought it so my friends and I could play it together. I don’t want to have just wasted $24.99 - I make minimum wage and CANNOT afford 1, let alone 2, new PS4 arcade sticks. I referred to this article on Eventhubs:

But it doesn’t seem to work for me. I tried following the source to the original post by Combofiend, but it’s been deleted.

Can ANYONE provide me with some help to make this $25 purchase worth it? I’m on my hands and knees begging you, Shoryuken.

When u turn on the 2nd ps4 controller and logging into a 2nd account in the versus character selection are u able to move around with the DS4??

Yes. When I plug in the second controller, it takes over control of 1st player and the first stick becomes inactive.

You need a second dual shock 4 pad to sign in player 2 before plugging the second stick in.

Yeah I’ve done that. I’m using these directions from the link I provided in the OP:

For two players:

– Power up the PS4.
– Use a PS4 controller to sign into an account or the guest account.
– Load up USFIV.
– Once the game has loaded, player 1 should unplug the PS4 controller, yet ensure that it remains synched and plug in a PS3 stick of choice into one of the vacant USB slots. It should now function.
– Player 1 should head to versus mode.
– Once at the selection screen, Player 2 will then have to sign into another account or a guest account.
– Once signed in, Player 2 should then press the “option” button to join versus mode.
– Player 2 should now be able to move around the selection screen.
– Once this is completed, player 2 should unplug in the PS4 controller, yet ensure that it remains synched and plug in a PS3 stick of choice into one of the vacant USB slots. The stick should now function.
– Please note that:
the PS4 controllers will also control the characters even though the PS3 sticks are plugged in.
the PS4 controllers used to sign in must remain synched to the PS4. If either loses power or connectivity, the corresponding joystick will become deactivated.

It’s not working.

Hmm, unfortunately I can’t do any trials to troubleshoot since I only have 1 ds4.

If you’re unable to find a solution, the cheapest fix would be to pad hack a fighting commander 4 and install it in one of your sticks.

You have to use 2 separate dual shock 4s, and 2 different profiles. The stick will sync to the last profile singed in. You should do all the syncing and signing in of profiles for player 2 at the character select screen not on the main game menu. In other words, let player one sign onto the ps4, select sf4 and go into the versus mode. When player 1 gets to the character select screen, unplug the ds4 and plug in your ps3 stick and select a character. At this point player 2 should plug in their ds4 and sign into an account that is not being used by player one. Go back to the character select screen, hit options select a character and then proceed to unplug the ds4 and plug in ps3 stick. While player 2 does this player one should not be pressing any buttons.

I have gotten this to work, with sticks and ps2 to ps3 convertors. If its one ds4 player and a stick player the stick will always be player one unless you do the following:

figured out how to be player 2 on ultra. You will need an old generic ps3 pad or ps3stick though.

Here are the steps.

  1. Connect first ds4, unplug and plug in an old ps3 stick or generic usb pad.

2 . Conect 2nd ds4 pad and select a profile. Afterward plug in convertor with ps2 pad.

  1. Player one can disconnect the old ps3 stick or generic usb pad. And use their ds4 to play.

You should now have 2 ds4 synced where one player is using a ds4 and the other is using the ps2 pad with converter.

I will test this out for you when I get home. I had a similar problem with this happening when one profile was being controlled by a PS4 and PS3 stick. I will get back to you on that.

Okay. I needed to buy another PS4 wireless controller to test this. You can use a PS3 controller to play USF4 once you select a profile and start the game but, if you connect another wireless PS4 controller and select a profile, the second player will not work with a PS3 controller. Basicly, two PS3 controllers cannot be used to play USF4 on PS4. I hope that answers your question?

But those instructions came from Combofiend and what did they expect to happen in tournaments if they wanted everyone to update to PS4?

Not the answer I was hoping for, but thanks a lot for your help.

Still, if anyone has some magical way to get this working, feel free to contribute.

It is possible because I have had 2 ps3 peripherals working in versus mode but that was prior to the last patch. I will try again when I get home tonight.

From what I’ve gathered, this method works with MKX. I don’t have GGXrd to test otherwise. USF4 appears to be the anomaly. It’s cool that Sony allows their customers to use PS3 controllers for fighting games with few exceptions but realistically if you are playing fighting games on PS4, at some point you are going to have to invest in a compatible arcade stick.

Its more like Sony give the developers the option to toss in their own custom drivers for games that takes advantage of specialized controllers, including those what worked on the PS3.
The policy was intended for steering wheels, dance pads, guitar controllers, arcade controllers, ect. The controllers that is excluded is the Six Axis and Dual Shock 3 game pads.
But it’s up to the developer to come up with the drivers own their own without help from Sony.