Please help! Super Street Fighter 4 AE PC performance issues


First and foremost, i have been a ghost subscriber to Shoryuken forums for years. My game tag on XBL is DoneDeal231823 and I am pretty good with a host of characters (Ibuki, Balrog, Sagat, Guy, Ryu all B+). I recently bought and built my own pc and it plays every game beautifully on max settings without a hitch. Every game but this one lol. Ive tried the vsyn trick listed in another discussion but it still doesnt perform well with anti aliasing on and filtering like other games do. I can run BF4 on max settings on two screens for f**cks sake. Please help if you can. My PC Specs are as follows. AMD 8350 processor overclocked to 4.5. 16 GB Crucial Ballistic 1866 memory. 120 GB solid state with 500 gb 7200 rpm HD for backup and a 1tb external. the game is loaded on the solid state. 2 AMD r9270’s in crossfire configuration and windows 8 pro.


I forgot to mention in my orginal post, when I benchamark. it leaves me at 300 fps averaged


Disable the crossfire/SLI. Its the cards. I had the same issue.


Thank you