Please Help with a Hori Sick


I Have an Real Arcade Pro V from Hori (the Xbox one version)

My operating system is windows 10 it got the last update a few days ago and the stick just stop working, it get registered as an unknow divice and I can move stuff around in windows whit the stick and buttons but the games just dont read it I would apreciate any help


Need some clarification to give any specific advice;

• What received an update? Windows OS patch? USB Drivers? Firmware on your stick?

• ‘Games’ as in steam client games or emulators?

Sounds possible your games’ require a D-input and your Xbox stick possibly an X-input. Another path is restore your last backup whenever your controller was working with your games.


windows 10 version 1903 the Stick used to work until this update

Steam Client games

Even if I can move the menu in the windows still shows up as an unkwon divice on the manager and “Xbox gaming device” in the control panel

sorry about the spanish, but shows up as a unkwon divice instead of controller


Do you use it in XB1 or 360 mode?


Does not have the 360 mode just the one


Every Hori XB1 stick I’ve ever seen supports both, including the HRAP V.
It’s the bottom switch on the right side of the stick.


This one does not, the only swich that have aside from the normal buttons is the 6-8 buttons option


Weird. The only thing I can suggest is to uninstall it from the Device Manager and then unplug it and plug it back in,


It can’t be a HRAP V then, I have this stick & it has three switches on the side. One for 360/XB1, one to switch view & menu buttons & another for DP/LS/RS stick assignment.

Anyways, if it was working before try uninstalling the Windows update (if possible) & test again or try on another computer to determine what’s going on.