Please help with plinking

I’ve searched high and low for this here but haven’t gotten shit. The youtube tutorials confuses me,all they show are buttons being pressed. Could someone please give me a written break down of plinking.(notation) etc.

Let’s say you want to plink MP with LP. What you want to do is hit MP a split second before LP. You do it so fast that it sounds like you are only hitting one button.

What I do is place my index finger on LP, and my middle finger on MP. I raise my index finger slightly higher than my middle finger and I bring them down at the same time. This way my middle finger will naturally hit first.

Your input should look like this:

I dont know if you’ve seen the VesperArcade tutorials. I think he does a good job explaining it around 5:30 .

AHH i see now thats understandable :slight_smile: ,thanks a lot.

In training mode if you plink correctly you will basically see that button pressed twice, since HP takes priority over MP, and MP the same with LP.

Vesper has great videos for all fighting games, he does a really good job of explaining a lot of the aspects of SF4.