Please help with Simple Mod for Streetfighter IV Gamepad


For my streefighter iv gamepad, I would like to make the top left bumper trigger both buttons X and Y. and the top right bumper button trigger both buttons A and B when pressed. (Im not planning on using this for street fighter iv btw)

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I am new to the game of soldering, and and padhacking, so if someone could put it in lamen terms i would be greatly appreciative. The diode thing is what is confusing me if anything. I just wanted to repost this idea to garner more responses for help. Anybody messed with street fighter iv gamepad, or have done anything with the buttons like this? Thanks SRK. :smokin:


Are you also wanting the bumpers to active their original functions?

Or are you planning on replacing them completely with the new buttons?


no i dont care about the original functions anymore, i just want the left and right bumpers to be totally dedicated to the XY, and AB buttons respectively




I believe the diodes prevent the X Y and A B from activating each time you hit those individual buttons. So the only time they will activate together will be when the shoulders are pressed.

Shouldn’t be too hard if you have some basic skills.

If you can get a high res image of the front and back of the pcb I will show you a diagram of where the traces are and where you’ll have to connect everything.

I don’t know of a good place to get an image of that, so you’ll have to supply it.

The hardest part of the whole thing from my experience with those pads is fitting everything back inside the pad once you close it up.

I swapped some button functions in a few of them not too long ago, the pcbs themselves are very easy to work with.


Hold on are you saying I won’t be able to individually press x,or y, or a and b please tell me that’s not the case. I want xyab to work normally I just want the bumpers to be dedicated ‘xy’ and ‘ab’ . But Awesome info dude. I will take apart the controller when I get home and post them. Thanks again bud



Bumpy bump bump


bump again

this time with a better picture




Well, the dots that you had traced out, you should solder a diode on each signal(X,Y) to the Left Bumper Signal and the (A,B) to the Right Bumper. It’s pretty much self explanatory. However the anodes should be on the signals and the other side of the diodes should be on the signal of the bumper.


It’s going to be much easier to do this using the traces on the back of the controller… you can’t really use the front because you need the rubber pads (that press the buttons) to be unobstructed.

The image below shows where the traces for each button is (A-green, B-Red, Y-Yellow, X-Blue).

To solder to these you will have to use something small and sharp (I use a needle) and lightly scrape the green off until you’ve exposed the copper inside the trace.

You can usually solder to the copper fairly easily.

Be careful that you’re only exposing the copper under the light green color (the line running from the hole). The dark green on the outside of the trace is grounded, you don’t want to expose that before soldering.

After you’ve exposed something to solder to for each button you can follow the instructions Toodles gave you above.

The small points of solder labeled on the pic above show where you’ll solder to LB and LT.

You can buy diodes at Radioshack.

Here is a graphic to explain what he means when he talks about each end of the diode.

Also, someone else will have to confirm this, but I believe at the end you will have to cut the traces that run from LB and LT, so that those don’t trigger their original functions.

Hopefully someone with more experience can confirm this.

Let us know if this is at least a good start to helping you with the project, and we can respond to any questions you have about doing it.



i lost all hope, and just happen to come back and see your replies. awesome thanks so much.

I will definitely be trying this this week.

one question for right now though. I have a soldering gun and soldering wire, but what kinds of wire do i need to connect the diodes to the circuitboard? any special wire? do they sell that at radioshack too?


Any wire will be fine. I would use hookup personally (solid copper center, instead of the strands), but it doesn’t really matter.