Please help with the properties of the supers



Okay I am getting pretty good at doing the supers but sometimes shit seems to go wrong so I just want to know which of these always occur and what other ones there may be.

I use K-Groove so these are all level 3’s.

720 against Cammy’s ground drill thing (not cannon spike but the other one) doesn’t seem to work. Is this cause she’s slightly off the ground in which case will my qcf+qcf+k work?

I hear you can do the air one to Blanka and I know you can do it to Vega/Bison when they’re flying at you. Can you time it right to stop it with the 720?

On crossups like against ChunLi’s crouching forward fierce the air throw sometimes works and sometimes won’t catch her. It seems if she is RIGHT over me it won’t work. If she’s behind Zangief turns around if in front he just catches her like normal. Is this correct?

Are there any other characters that whore flying moves besides Cammy, Rolento, Balrog/Vega, E.Honda, and Vega/Bison that you can air super the shit out of?


you can wake up air grab people who corpse hop, whereas wake up 720 wont work. (if they are jumping over you as you wake up)

I’ve both escaped a wake up 720 by corpse hopping, and been hit by a RANDOM air grab super during a corpse hop :smiley: Granted corpse hopping wasn’t the brightest thing to do against gief tho :wink:


damn dude, whats your obsession with “corpse hopping”… seems like the last few threads i’ve read of yours are filled with it…

anyways, zangief’s 720 grabs grounded opponents, qcfx2 k grabs opponents in the air… thats it, yes this includes any move that puts you in the air… so the qcf x 2 k will hit yun’s overhead kick or akuma’s hurricane kick, or blanka ball, blah blah blah


hahaha :lol:


Haha, it’s the only thing i had to add on the zangief topic :slight_smile: I think i only mentioned it in yun thread before this.

corpse hopping is the shiet, dont hate :smiley:

EDIT: corpse hopping!

EDIT: What kind of rollerblades do you have?


shit dude, i stopped skating almost 2 years ago but I have the old USD Thrones with the old white 50 50 frames and mindgame wheels


Nice, i got 98 white remz with ground controlf rames and eulogy wheels. senate anti rockers


Aggggh, damn remedyz… i had the black and grey ones for a long time… They felt so good just to roll around in but damn, so many problems with those skates… heh, my friend used to get them for us for hella cheap because kato was hooking him up… good shit


Damn, that’s sick… Yea, im havin some problems with them now. They hurt my feet like mad and i have NO soul space >_<