Please help with wwe brawlstick

I recently received a wwe brawlstick. It works fine when I play street fighter, but when I try to send a message on xbox live, the left trigger and right trigger stop working. This means that I can’t use question marks. Des anyone else have this problem or is my stick faulty?

its a pcb problem

its the triggers, they act up for some reason and fail.
its happened to a bunch of people already.

plug in another pad to send messages i guess

Thanks for replying but what exactly is a pcb and how can I fix it?

by you asking what a pcb is means you need to just take mr.mortified advice and type with another controller.
Think motherboard of a computer

Alright, thanks for the help

Alternatively, you can always move the cursor to the “LT” and “RT” icons on the screen, press A, and it’ll switch to symbols and accents.

That is a great idea.

Should i send back the stick and ask for them to fix the pcb?

you can if you want to, its less effort though to just move the RT to LB if you want a working button there and there’s games with that in presets

Use a computer keyboard to type.

What do you mean by that? the left and right triggers only don’t work when i am sending a message. Is that worthy enough to send it in and get a new arcade stick? or are all of the brawlsticks like that?

Its not just brawlsticks man, the TE’s, SE’s, SFxT sticks, any mcz stick with that board for xbox has a weird failrate with triggers. I’ve seen some last years and still have no problems or some just crap out on them over time. Point is, you can move the buttons to make a 6 button layout playable. As for messages, just use a kb, separate controller or something. You don’t really get a stick to send messages with. If you want to, feel free to get a modder to install a different board for you or ship it in saying that the triggers don’t work.

So you are playing SFIV all cool, and it works.
Then when you go to make Message, the Triggers do not?
And without unplug and replug of the BrawlStick, you go back to SFIV and Triggers work?

So the problem happens only, and strictly only when you make a Message?

Yeah, the problem only happens strictly when i make a message

Ok, that is normal.
All the Mad Catz FightStick is like that.
All the HORI Fighting Stick and RAP is like that.

You have to move the cursor to LT and RT yourself.
Or use a non-Arcade Stick to do your typing.