I have recently downladed KAWAKS to play arcade roms. I have a HORI Tekken 6 PS3 Fight stick that I would like to use with it. KAWAKS detects the buttons but not the control stick. Can anyone help me with this issue?


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Seems like it may be silly, but does the stick work fine on the PS3?


It is not silly. Testing a stick on it’s native system is a perfect and viable method of trouble shooting.

Confirm the stick works fine on the PS3 or even other PC games, or nothing else the joy.cpl applet in Windows’ control panel.
Also double check to make sure your stick (if it has it) is set to LS and not DP for Windows PC games.
There are plenty of windows games that do not like using the POV Hat.


I ran into the same thing. You can use Final Burn Alpha since it is POV Hat compatible.