please help!

What is the proper way to turn off the ds wifi usb connector do you stop it and when is it ok to unplug the connector? i know these sound like very simple question but every time i shut off my PC the damn software messes up.

stop it
then unplug
in your defense the nintendo software is buggy anyways


damn it happened again i am getting tired of re installing it
every time i try to stop it the light keeps on blinking and when i try to turn it off i get the end now window and when i choose end now the cycle repeats itself. so now when i try to run it again the start wifi option is not there just to run the registration tool or to see version info. oh well…:shake:

The wifi software is quirky. Trial and error is the only way to really get a grip on it.

maybe go to nintendo wifi and get the updated drivers?
idunno i stopped fucking with that stupid software
shit pissed me off too much

wired ftw