Please I need help...


I have the SE madcatz stick and I’m going to mod it with a ocoto gate Sanwa stick with Sanwa buttons to make the playability better with quality parts and I been hearing that the only difference between the SE and TE its the Sanwa parts outside of the weight, cable storage, and the red design…so what I wanted to know if I mod my SE with sanwa parts is it going to be good or worth it?

If anyone has a SE and TE with the SE being mod lease answer this and give me your feedback…Thank You and sorry if this question has been answer but I felt this was the easiest way to get a response…


it is very much worth it if you like to have a smaller stick. I only prefer the TE because it’s bigger, but throwing Sanwa parts into an SE is a great mod. Although i’m not a fan of the octo gate, but that’s preference.


and the hits just keep on rollin…


Thanks cause to be honest paying $150 for a TE to me isn’t worth it if i can mod it and it still will cost less…and as far as the SE being small…in reality its a good size for me i don’t see nothing wrong with the size and if anyone don’t have any input to write don’t say shit and keep it moving this in only for people who can help other players and shitty remarks isn’t accepted!!!


Just in case you don;t know though, is selling TE sticks for $125 with FREE shipping. That’s about what you’ll be spending anyway.


thanks for the info but in reality I’m going to spend another $50 tops in parts so since I have a SE i rather spend 50 instead of $125 right now for another stick lol thanks


oh you already have the SE. that works


yeah i do and it works good just that I main Gouki so even though a square is easy to pull of the shoryuken but its difficult to do a hit combo starting with lp lk lk tatsu and it doesn’t come out with the lk tatsu cause is square so thats why I’m getting a octo gate