Please identify these 3 Vewlix and its Model number? Thanks

I need to inspect 3 Vewlix Arcade Cabinets to make sure they are made by Taito Japan and not a cheap China copy.

Can you please confirm the below Vewlix and its model number :

Blue colored Vewlix cabinet
Model Vewlix L

Red colored Vewlix cabinet
Model AGM-NC

2nd Blue colored Vewlix cabinet
Model AGM-ND
Is this also called the Vewlix Diamond?

Which cabinet has better hardware between the Vewlix C Capcom cabinet and the Vewlix Diamond Cabinet?

Thank you for your time.

[here](Need help on Taito Vewlix C Capcom + Taito Vewlix L AMI urgently

Please do not make multiple posts asking the same question.

If it been 2 days and no one answered you. Odds are we don’t have an answer to give. Don’t make a second post asking the same thing.
I would send you to Arcade Otaku as they have the data base, but I am afraid you just spam their forums with requests too.

Also Google is your friend.

I haven’t tried but why not go to the Taito website and check?