~please leave comments for improvement on my sagat (video)~

i won this championship final but this guy seemed pretty easy. if there are any positive comments or constructive criticism, i would love to hear it. thanks

Grab a beer, you’ll need one


At the start of the match you threw a move out? Are you psychic? Just walk backwards, slowly. Don’t jump back, Don’t dash back, hold back. Mago does this every round. If they jump you have time to DP, if they teleport you have time to tiger shot etc. etc.

First 2 times you got hit in round 1 came from akuma dive kicks. Dive kicks come from the air. Sagat has a tiger uppercut. it hits air moves. You can hit him. Akuma jumped in the air… and then you did tiger shot? Tiger shot is not anti air, tiger uppercut is. He could of stunned you if he didn’t suck balls. Each dive kick goes into roundhouse, crouching medium, lk hurricane, fierce uppercut. Eat that twice and a hit or two here or there and you’re seeing birdies.

You threw out a tiger uppercut finally!!! except your opponent wasn’t jumping! In fact, he was blocking hahah. I think you have the commands for TU and TS mixed up. **You tiger shot when you should uppercut, and you uppercut when you should tiger shot.
Akuma whiffed a FIERCE dragon punch. Your punish? GRAB! lol seriously? you have a million ways to punish him. That’s a free combo. I use crouching medium kick into tiger uppercut, or standing medium punch into tiger uppercut.

After you throw him you run up to him and jump in on wake up - you eat an uppercut. Why would you do that? If you wanna get close thats fine, but jump? Did he throw a fireball at you? Why did you jump? Dude is on the GROUND, you decide to jump in the AIR?

He threw a red fireball at you. First, don’t block it. Jump over fireballs, this way your opponent can’t throw another fireball until that one clears the screen. Notice you blocked it and it hit you 3x? he throws another at you, and you throw a single tiger shot.

Let’s do some math:

Tiger shot = 1 fireball
Akuma red fireball = 3 fireballs

3 fireballs - 1 fireball = 2 fireballs. You ate 2 fireballs :frowning:

Your opponent whiffs another HUGEEE fierce uppercut, you punish with low tiger shot… not enough damage. AT LEAST tiger uppercut him. Even if you don’t know a combo, do something that does more than 75 damage, A fucking standing round house does more than a TS. Actually you’re throw punish from before was even better than this one :frowning:

You perform a crouching short into medium tiger knee from up close in his face. You notice how that hits him twice? But he’s blocking? thats unsafe. Learn block strings. Learn safe tiger knee distance.

You K.O. him with an unsafe tiger knee, you’re lucky he had chip health left. You also jumped in on him on wake up while he had ultra, that could of been a raging demon to your face. If he has no health left, uppercut him, tiger shot him, do anything really. Just stop fucking jumping!

The only combo you did that match was jumping round house into crouching round house. You have 1000000x better options than that. READ THE SAGAT COMBO THREAD. GO TO TRAINING MODE.

Everytime you jump in the air, and he jumps in the air, you fucking sit there. You don’t throw out a fierce punch, or a kick, or anything. When you jump, you can’t block, all you can do is throw out a normal move. You jump, he meets you in the air, you do nothing, WHAT IS THE POINT OF ALL YOUR JUMPING! All of your damage you did was while you were on the ground with the exception of 1 jump in.


I’m not talking about round 2… you threw shit out at random, and happened to hit him more times than he hit you. Standing light kick into forward light kick THATS NOT A COMBO! The akuma player was awful, but I feel bad that he lost. He had combos and mix-ups and a strategy, even though he sucked at every part of sf, he still seemed like he tried just a little bit.

**Disclaimer: Before you leave me negative feedback for making you feel like shit, realize that I took the time to write this when you didn’t take the time to read:

  1. The match up thread.
  2. Sagat combo thread
  3. Go to training mode
  4. Do any of sagat’s challenge mode trials. Fucking seriously, not even 1. You would have atleast learned ONE combo that wasn’t jumping roundhouse into crouching roundhouse.
  5. Think before you hit buttons

What possessed you to make this thread? Because you had a youtube video? Because it was G2 instead of G3, because you think you’re special, what was it? What were you hoping to learn that you could not have learned by reading what’s already on this site… Moderator, please delete this thread**


Dude, I just went to the sagat video thread:


You post your video there as well! What the fuck is wrong with you! While you’re at it, go post on the SRK main page, I’m sure the whole world wants to see you’re awezom3 uber internet G2 win.

hey playgroundlegen

i am not going to bash you or give you shit for the comments that you left me. in fact i thank you very much for all the time you took to make such a detailed analysis of my match. why i posted this video i am not sure anymore after reading your comments.

usually yes i use more combos. not good ones but i dont think i was thinking during this match as much as i should have. i do admit i was very lucky to win it and since i dont win a lot of championships i got excited i suppose. im very new to SRK (about a day or two) so i havent gotten to read much of any other posts.

again thank you very much for your time to critique me and i hope by posting this in that other thread you arent mad at me cause it seems like you were very angry when you wrote. im just new to using forums in general and maybe i havent gotten used to some of the rules of forum posting quite yet. you will have to excuse me.

as for my playing. i noticed you have a xbl gamer tag. is there any chance you would be willing to play me and give me some tips while we play? it would be most appreciated. thanks!

I am just going to warn you OP. Do not post videos of yourself on the internet because people are going to rip you a new hole to shit out of. Even Daigo and JWong get the shit kicked out of them because of how big of jackasses a lot of people are on this site. DSP is a good example of somebody who is a scrub but labels everyone else as a scrub no matter the outcome of their battle.

So, if you cannot take the harsh and downright discpicable comments of the users, do not post your vids…

Anyways, I watched it and round 1 was pretty horrible. You didnt punish the Akuma very well after you blocked his heavy DP, all you did was tiger shot, when somebody hits you with a meaty special like that, do a combo, or if you are not comfortable with combos, throw the bastard. That Akuma was one of the worst Akumas in a long time, but none the less, you did some silly things like throw a tiger shot at a 3 hit fireball, I am not saying I never do something that stupid, but pay attention to detail in these fights.

Of course I’d be down to play. That’s the attitude I prefer over “tell me what to do here’s my video :)” add me to friends.

I must warn you. I will fuck you up

fuck man… where do I begin. That video was just fucking horrible…

Probably reason why I don’t even play SFIV online. I just go to the top arcade in Korea.

/rant off

/Constructive Criticism. Less spamming “psychic” shoryukens and finish your combos. The whole video it looked like you were spazzing your combos or something.

I need to erase that video from my mind though because it was worse than I imagined.

The ultra at the end was good though!

thanks machineking. i did figure that i would get ripped for posting this vid and like i said i think i was just excited to win a final i dont think i should have won. i don usually play that bad. it had been a long day and i was not thinking clearly

its fine. im down to get fucked up. but getting fucked up and learning lots from it from a pro is worth it to me. im quite humble and i know where i stand with good players. ive played with a few good g1s like seedyrom and swiftdeathz and faired pretty well in a few matches

Hehe aznersk8er,

Don’t feel bad. I found it very interesting to watch your video along with PlayGroundLegen’s excellent comments. :wonder:

I mean not everybody is already a pro :rofl: And I found out that to pull off longer combos during an online battle can be quite difficult even if you know the theory and shine in the Training Room.

sigh the random dudes who give me neg feedback for writing an in-depth review of someone’s match to help them learn astounds me. It’s as if they want this site to die.

Okay… I counted akuma’s command jump in like 17 times over those 2 rounds. Of those 17 jump ins like 2 or 3 of them were safe and 3 of them you punished. That leaves about 12 of them that you did nothing to and several of them hit, but he did nothing with. That akuma sucks… All you had to do to win that match was tiger shot, tiger upercut. THATS IT! You tried to punish too many jump ins with tiger shots… why? He also seemed to finish his combos even if he didn’t contact ANY of the hits. That is where you wait for that dragon punch and you Tiger Upercut FADC fRH EX Tiger Shot him for half his life… You had more than enough ex bars that you did nothing with. Had you done that one combo TWICE, you would have had him down to almost nothing, and the opportunity was DEFINITELY there. I mean… that akuma became SO predictable, you could have just started throwing out fRH and connected it twice for half his life. Although, I really think that he could have just stood back and done his red fireball the whole match and won. You need to learn how to 1. BLOCK 2. Punish 3. COMBO 4. NOTICE HUGE PATTERNS IN PEOPLE LIKE THAT’S GAMEPLAY.

thank you for your feedback. unfortunetly i cannot FADC yet. i am working with a controller right now because i cant afford a stick and i hope everyone is reading this because a FADC is very difficult on a controller no matter how many times i try it in training. but to even pull that off in a live game is even harder like that one guy said.

also just wanted to let you know i havent played SF since 2 and i was 8 back then and mashed random buttons with the coolest looking character to me at the time (vega) and i learned nothing from that. 11 years later i am just starting to learn some techniques and ive had this game for about a half a month and am working with a controller ATM

Hmm… Practice 4x as much as you think you need to… I can’t think that a controller is that difficult because that is what I use. I don’t think that it is easy, but it is more than worth the practice. It more than doubles options for you. The controllers do suck, but they aren’t impossible to learn with. Just practice way more than you play until all those moves are routine.

ok thanks. i agree i think i need to hit training more so those moves become second nature. but playing online will help me to use it in certain situations so i think its a combo of both

I’m far from pro but I’m the same. I’m the scurge of srk. I played sf2 for snes, messed around with mk 1-3, tekken, KI, soul cal, clay fighter haha just beating the cpu and playing with non-competitive friends.

My competitive games were all real time strategy. I was never a fighting game guy because as a kid my local arcade had machines, but no dedicated players whereas I could turn on my PC and play the best in the world online in an RTS where lag isn’t as big of a problem.

I picked the game up in the arcade (randomly stumbled drunkely into china town fair one day while I was living in manhattan) put in my first dollar and never stopped. I got “good” because when the game came out people were cool enough to show me shit, there was a 20 minute wait even with 4 cabs for sf4, so I got to watch top players battle it out, and when I got up there to play, getting wrecked in 20 seconds for $1 a pop starts to suck, so you want to get better - without even realizing that you’re making a conscious effort to.

Don’t sweat it, half a month, or 2 weeks and a controller explains a lot. congrats on g2 btw, in 2 weeks thats not bad! I’d rather for the next 2 weeks. you read this forum - every thread - every post. And go to training mode.

I’ll give you 3 combos to start with.

  1. Punisher: They whiff an uppercut, they are stunned, you land level 3 focus etc. etc. etc.

Crouching medium kick, tiger uppercut. Just work on that one. It’s a cancel, which means the second you see crouching medium kick connect, go right into tiger uppercut.

  1. Jump in: I don’t want you to jump as a sagat player, but if you jump over an opponent fireball, and you’re close enough to land a jump in hard kick, do this.

Jump in hard kick. crouching medium kick. tiger uppercut.

Noticing a pattern? All of these combos start to build off of each other, you’ll see this more as you read up on the combo thread.

  1. Finally

If they jump in, and you tiger uppercut them and it TRADES. which means both players get hit. You will see sagat bounce his head back.

Hold forward, and hit round house for a "high step kick"
Once that lands… ultra the guy.

You get those 3, you throw ts at the right time, and you tiger uppercut jump ins. you’ll be alright. it’s a good start.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. Your homework starts tonight. Go home, go to player match, set it for human vs cpu, put it to max rounds and max difficulty and don’t use specials. Learn to use focus, and your normals. Find out how far your kicks go, how fast they come out, which ones you like which you don’t like etc.

wow thanks again for those tips. i like how you actually spell out the moves…at first i was reading a few threads and ppl explain the moves with acronyms and it was confusing to me and took a while to figure out. i will practice that c.mk>TU and such and that trade move happens to me a lot and i hope i can practice that because that would be great to pull out an ultra. the only fool proof ultra is the anti-air one at the end of round 2. i havent been able to time the high step kick then ultra yet when they jump in but ive seen it been used against me a handful of times. like that other guy was saying i would like to be able to do like a c.mk>TU>FADC>high step kick>ultra but that is ridiculously hard for me to comprehend in real time let alone on a controller. im looking on craigslist now for a fight stick. i want to be able to be good at those combos. and the nearest arcade with a sf4 cab is an hour away at a college so its far for me to practice. i also went into challenge mode and beat all normal and 2 of the hard. im stuck on the 3rd because of the FADC ugh…i look forward to seeing you online. im on the west coast but ive played east coast people and even though we have few bars it seems to be fine

i added you on xbl btw

btw any suggestions on a good fight stick for a decent price? i was looking into a hori real arcade pro or maybe that crappier madcatz one and changing out the parts for sanwas. i dont know much about them but the only thing i would be worried about wiht the madcatz is the weight. i dont want it moving around a lot on me. anyone who has knowledge in arcade sticks please help me out here

For high step kick into ultra, the second I see the trade I hold forward… then as my opponent falls I hit round house.

It’s not a fast motion, or frantic. It’s all very slow. Opponent falls slow. Once you land f.rh, you will have some time to input an ultra motion, do not rush it, you won’t whiff.

Good way to practice this is to go to training mode and set the CPU to “jump.”

Not only does this prepare you for trade uppercut into f.rh ultra, but when you do TU FADC f.rh ultra it’s the same thing, there’s no set timing, you need to watch the screen, watch your opponent fall, and time the f.rh

F. RH has a massive hit box so you have leeway when it landing it into ultra. 2x F.rh on CPU jump is a good way to get used to it. Practice 2 f.rh ultra on a jumping cpu. You will see what I mean.


My first sf4 stick was a hori for xbox, I put sanwa parts in it. Didn’t make a huge difference. Then I started going to tournaments and every event was for PS3, so I bought a TE stick, and dual modded it later. TE stick makes a worlddddddddd of difference. It’s the right height for playing on your lap, and it’s the right height for playing on the floor too, whatever your style is. With the hori playing on my lap was impossible because the stick is thicker / taller so I would end up propping my forearms on it which would bend my wrists, and fuck up my motions. So I had to play on the floor. Just get a TE, I saw you’re on west coast, fry’s has them for like $80 in store. Google it

??? it says $120.

i tried landing the F.rh on the jumping CPU and i did fine. its just that ppl jump at me and the timing on people jumping at me as opposed to straight up is different so its hard.

what about the cheaper madcatz stick? would that work at all? im trying to spend as little money as possible because im paying my own way through college right now.