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A weekly online tournament organized by SRK members, for SRK members. Based Bouts is a double elimination tournament held over Xbox Live player match lobbies every Sunday at 4:00PM EST.

This is for discussing the tournament and for updates and results related to the tournament. You do not sign up in this thread. To sign up, enter the #skullgirls-xbl irc before 4:00PM EST. At 4PM I will add all those present in the chat room to the bracket and the tournament will begin. NO ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED PAST 4PM EST.

[]Please check in to the #skullgirls-xbl irc BEFORE 4:00PM EST on Sunday, June 17th in order to enter.
]Your irc nick must be the same as your XBL gamertag.
[]Matches are best two out of three for all matches except winner’s finals, loser’s finals and grand finals. The former two are best 3 out of 5. The grand finals are best 3 out of 5 but if the loser’s bracket winner wins the set, the bracket resets and the loser’s winner must win another 3 out of 5 set to win the tournament. The winner’s finalist only needs to win one 3 out of 5 set to win the tournament.
]Winner must keep his or her team, but can change assists. Loser can change their whole team.
[*]If the connection is bad and neither player wants to finish the set, they can decide on a draw.

Join skullgirls-xbl on efnet to keep in contact. Match reporting will be done through irc. Use the following format:

ie. [REPORT] “Winner of match” wins.

Please post reports in blue font. I will make announcements in red font.

Previous results:


We should figure out an easier way to consolidate this so we can have a group of people running these events, in case of absentees. I know I can’t dedicate every Sunday this summer to running it, and neither can you. So we’re also always looking for new people to help out.


Well only one person can edit a thread, so I don’t know.


you could just get another person who is interested in helping write the new text for the first post and then just PM it to the OP. then at least all they have to do is copy and paste rather than take the time to write it all out as well.

im unsure if i can make it next week, but ill make sure i post on the morning if i can.


We could just meet in the irc every Sunday at a specified time and talk about it, create a list of folks there, and then have someone make the bracket and direct the tourney from there. Most people could probably figure out how to operate challonge.


I should be able to do this.


Or we could just move it to #skullgirls-xbl on Sundays; that’d probably be the most organized way to do it, instead of flooding #skullgirls


Sounds good, I’ll edit the OP with new info


I am so entering this week ^^


So… is this happening or what? Who’s entering? How do we enter?


Sunday. There are no early-entries. Saibot is using the revised rules from the original tournament I threw (which I plan to continue, but am taking a hiatus from).

Registration starts 30 minutes before the first round (3:30 PM EST). You register for the tournament from within IRC. The brackets will be on Challonge, and the tournament will use the Swiss system. The channel this time is #skullgirls-xbl, not #skullgirls (on efnet)


Oh, awesome. Can you have a link to the chat? I have no idea how to work or search them, this will be the second time I’ve used one.



Ooo. I might be able to make this one.


22 hours, everyone. If we can’t get this on track, I’ll have to switch to PS3 for Skullbats.


I cannot make the tourney tomorrow because I was called in to work. I will need an emergency TO for tomorrow to run the bracket.


… Fuck it, I’ll do it. Gather names of entrants, make the challonge bracket, enter winners. That it?


I can play


I’ll enter as well. Have some free time now and it seems more people on SRK play on PSN for skullgirls then XBL. Solo Filia prepare thyself.


I’ll definitely try to be in there tomorrow as well. :slight_smile: