Please Move Virginia Threads to The South Section!

Why is Va in the Atlantic North: Discussion & Matchmakin??
From What History says Virginia has always been a part of the South It is below the Mason Dixon Line. I vote for moving all Va threads in the South where it belongs



Enough Proof there THanks A BunCH!!

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Um… no.

#1 Northern VA is a part of the washington, DC metro area. It’d be REALLY stupid to have a dividing line in such a populous area. MD/VA play together all the time.

#2 Most of VA’s population is within decent driving distance of all of ATL north’s major cities. From Richmond (capital of VA) it takes 6 hours to get to NYC, but 8-10 to get to ATL.

#3 You’re a no name scrub who’s never attended a single event, gathering, or tournament. You talk endless shit and never ever back it up. You agree to money matches with people and don’t show. You are a waste of internet bandwidth that has done nothing for the SRK community. Why should your opinion matter?


In before lock/deletion.