Please Need help about street fighter anniversary arcade stick

hi iam new to arcades and the whole thing and i recently bought a street fighter 4 tournament edition arcade stick and find it great. So to my question a cousin of mine gave me a street fighter anniversary stick but it wont work with my adapter for the ps3 so i looked up here and read about hacking a ps1 pcb and something about solding i couldnt find specific tuts for this arcade stick it so please tell me what equipment i need to do the mod a tut would be nice oh yh and another question can i put a sanwa stick in this arcade stick as i hate bat tops thx

There’s a noobie thread stickied at the top of the page for a reason.

Use the search function next time

thx for the link i already that thread but ill read it again just in case i may have missed something

Also check out the converter compatibility thread, there are some revisions of the 15th Anniversary stick that do not like converters.

there is a very comprehensive site
that explains a lot about making custom joysticks.

thx for the help i have one more question does anyone have a step by step tut with ps1 pcb mod cause all i saw is a dual mod by kyle which involves a ps1 and an xbox pcb but if its the same thing with only one ps1 pcb mod ill try it out today or in the coming days thx

Yep, that tutorial will get you going. Just ignore the 360 PCB and there’s no need to wire power.

thx for the help i have one final question do i solder the cables that are already in the arcade stick to the ps1 pcb and to the ground or to the signal or both and do i need to buy my own wires cause i have to solder cause i only got those white ps1 dual shock which i cant connect to buttons of the arcade stick without soldering this info i got from the slugcoin website very useful indeed thats my last question thanks alot this a very useful and noob friendly site ill definetly come again for some other stuff