Please, need help in MVC2 again


Please teach us how to gain more points to unlock the hidden chars… we only have 6 hidden characters since 1 month…

Please we need ur help thx…


you need to beat the game, and beat the game with different characters. i think thats how it goes, i didnt have the game long enough. got bored of it. since i was only playing by me self and my friends doesnt like fighting games.


point system

i figured this out a long time ago, so it’s a little innaccurate, cuz it is off the top of my head…

beat game w/o losing any characters - 100 x difficulty level
beat game losing no more than 1 character ever - 50x difficulty
beat game losing no more than 2 characters ever - 25 x difficulty
every round - 100 points (including versus)
beat round with 3 person team hyper - 200 points
beat round with 2 person team hyper - 100 points
beat round with hyper combo - 50 points
beat round with assist or a throw - 50 points
beat round with time out - 50 points
beat round with level 2 delay hyper (green background) - 50 points
beat round with level 3 delay hyper (red background) - 100 points
get high score in score attack - 100 points
training mode - 10 points every minute


with that said, i guess just leave the game on training mode for a day or so and youre set.


takes a while though

beating it on level 8, finishing always with a team hyper, and u get about 3000 points in half hour of playing


thanx for ur tips, man…

Is this for MVC2 japan naomi arcade??


no console

for arcade do this…


the problem is how can we see what “level” this arcade are…

like i said before we only got 6 hidden chars. and 6 hidden box

But anyway…thanks for ur help…


count how many you have, then put it in the correct level area. u don’t have to on the dot, u just have to be in range




Uhmm…where can we find what so called “level” in arcade version?

Forgive me for my ignorance…


dude, you don’t need to know the level… here’s a copy / paste from the code on gamefaqs

JUMP TO LEVEL 24 (unlock 16 characters)

if you have 6 people, you’re not at level 24 yet, so do that code, and now you know you’re at level 24. you don’t need the level, u just need to know how many characters you have unlocked.


thanks again, king…

but we tried the code but it didnt work…but it said to be its on the naomi arcade

Maybe we have to wait for to unlock some hidden chars…maybe a couple of years…

But Hadoken King… thanks for your tips… i truly appreciate it


open up the coin slot, and keep hitting the coin trigger (the thing that gives you credits)… hit that thing about a thousand times, and your set. each time u hit it, u get an experience point, and brings up your level, thus unlocking characters. the reason u didn’t have every1 unlocked is cuz not enough people play it. it too the cade where i live now almost 2 years to get every1, but it took the cade where i lived in ny, about 3 weeks to get every1.


we already use the coin trigger since last month but only 10 maximum crerdits in the cade are there…we did that everyday and my fingers really hurts a lot…1week = 1 hidden char.


King, what cade u played…also a naomi arcade?


they’re all naomi cade boards, afaik

i play at chinatown fair in NYC


King, how many hidden chars. u released in 1 week?..


i don’t rememerb, it was a long ass time ago

every1 was released in about 3 weeks, if i remmeber correctly


OMG, maybe ur fingers really hurts a lot…but i have to try it out…

But anyway thanks again…