Please, needed help understanding wiki dash table

Given this table:

If anyone can explain me what the “Grounded” and “Airborne” dash values mean I’d appreciate it.

Again thanks in advance!

PS: Oh ok, I think I finally understood it. Airborne are the frames you’re “on air” and grounded the frames you’re “on the ground” while backdashing. Is this correct?

PS2: I was really interested in this because I want to test if the backdash strategy most of Chuns use after a blocked jump-in would be viable for Claw too (example: [media=youtube]7p6N53mApiA[/media] @ 00:25). Looks like should be possible given the frame data!. I usually backdash for wakeup (unless I’m cornered) and It’s gonna be really cool if I can apply backdashing after blocked jump-ins too.

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No, that “strategy” anybody can take advantage of. It’s not a matter of airborne/grounded frames. All characters have invincibility on frames 1-8 with backdash. That includes Ken and Dan who don’t get airborne backdashing. The characters that can take the most advantage depends on how fast their backdash is, along with how much distance they get with a backdash.