Please no more spiked hair at tourneys


i mean serously its hard enough to see whaTS goin on in the finals. i would have had a great view if it wasnt for some morons 2 inch hair doo. i mean seriously who are you guys trying to impress anyway.there were only like 2 broads there anyway… well and ricky. please leave the gel at home


You know whats worst than spiked hair when you are trying to watch a good match? Ego-tripping gamers who think they can just push you out of the way because they are “known” in SRK community. I swear this one dood in red kept pushing me and shoving me out of the way with his fake ass cell phone calls…
Someone told me he has a brother who’s mad pimping and big…but fukk that. That dood needs to learn that you don’t fukking push people out of their spot. If anyone knows who Im talking about…tell him Six-Armed from philly said suck my cock.

p.s. Vicent, someone told me that you were quite the toking man…hmmmm…one of these days…


yeah i know what u mean. instead of saying “excuse me” they put an arm on ur shoulder and pull you back. some little fuck from CT did that to me but the kid was like 9 so i didnt say anything.


easy there fella, thats speedy and hes actually 16, its not like ur not going to see the vids or results online or something anyways. i hear your a pretty good player, u should come to the next CT tourney and im not talkin about the waterford tourney either. fuck the bastards who got me sick at ECC:mad:

six-armed - thats not delpino who tokes, twas i and a few others:D



Okay, no more whites or blacks at tournaments either. Most of them are at least two inches taller than me, which makes it retardedly hard for ME to see the games. Okay? I’m not racist, I just don’t want whites or blacks at tournaments.


Sup Dru…Im the guy who taught Damian how to be top tier :smiley:
No foolin? Delpino doesn’t toke? Eh…Im ALWAYS toked up in tourneys…Jason Cole is a fiend!! All he wants to do is toke :smiley: I toked with him like a million times that weekend :smiley:


last time i went to CT i got stuck in 2 hours of traffic. waterford is far, are there any closer places?


my smokin days are over. but trust me when i say ive spilled more weed on the floor then youve smoked. hell i used to flush shit down the toilet just for fun at one point… believe me when i say that smokin kills brain cells… ive got too few left to spare


Even me? Im the white frodo kid who played in team tourney with Nestor :D.


yeah man, FYE in the trumbull mall. its right next to bridgeport, its about an hour away from CF. Off the Merrit Pkway, im pretty sure its off exit 47, if ur interested in coming, PM me and i will give u the info.



you gotta do what i do. pretend to be a videogame celebrity and push your way to the front.


Fuck that…Pungza had some cool ass hair.


especially YOU!


I couldnt see anything though :(, FecalPenace had to give me commentary so I knew what was happening in mvc2 team tourney.


Apparently Josh Wong = The TRUTH. Whatever the fuck that means.

Furby: Yes you, especially because you didn’t use Juggs, Rogue, Cable. FUCK STORM/SENT/CABLE.


Yeah! Bowl cuts for life!!!