Please, oh Please, shutup and play the game. broke stuff aint new

maybe im wrong for making this thread, but if i have to hear another fuck, honestly complain from his heart about this game, my head will explode in anger. fools is acting like they never played games before, or broke shit before. SHUT THE FUCK UP, AND PLAY THE GAME.

karas can kill you, and has serious offense, soooo the fuck what, try to work out some tactics to deal with it.

souki has an infinite he can kill you with if he has 3 bars and baroque, so the fuck what, i guess you better hope for an execution error, and or just take your l. dudes is sounding like passer by, scrub ass fight gamers nowadays.

jesus fucking christ. its like a new wave of complaining recently hit srk in general, and nobody has any balls to just go, oh, thats crazy, oh well, thats just the game, fuck it. maybe dudes is taking the shit to serious. winning is winning, and everyone hates to lose like the next man, and we have all spent our money on games that might not have been worth a shit, or could have been better. so the fuck what, play it, or shut the fuck up and go play something else that you dont have to complain that much about.

i say my peace, and anytime i say fuck something, im not fully serious, thats just me, whatever, but i feel like there are a serious group of dudes out there butt hurt by tvc. this is another reason why japan might just dig ass in america at tvc, because they accept shit for what it is, and still play the game. which has been evident, short of the vs series there to our knowledge, but there is even a small scene for that.

no one gave up on hnk when that shit was toki only. white started droppin yuda nonsense. no one gave up on mvc2 when that shit became certain characters only for tournies. blah blah.

please, for the love of just playing fighting games, shut your pussy hole and play the fucking game. we have all complained at one point in time, we’re not perfect, but as of 09’ (and previous really for me) , call me what you want, but i just dont give a fuck that much to whine about a game, unless its such utter trash, i cant bare to play it and even slightly enjoy it. not because one character is good, but because the whole game sucks, period.

niggaz was playing marvel forever, and couldnt megacrash shit, couldnt hope for a possible comeback with baroque, couldnt use anything like baroque to play offensive mind games, or stay safe when you threw out some bullshit, so why the fuck all of a sudden, its like, this game sucks.

did all the motherfuckers complaining just pick up a fighting game? no offense, for real, and if you take offense, fuck it, i dont care. this is a fight game forum, not a popularity contest. im just saying, i still respect a lot of peoples play level and skill, but the complaining needs to be fucking third tier. drop that shit like kellogs dropped michael phelps. kellogs that shit,and shut the fuck up.

except a few, i bet most complainers will turn out to be bums at the game anyways, because you wont be energized enough, or innovative enough to stay on top.

at least there is already talks for tvc2. i know a lot of people are like, fuck tvc, but ill play it because im good, blah blah. whatever, i feel you, and understand your words and feelings, but i would personally like to just hear motherfuckers on this forum just go, damn, thats broken, oh well. like, how’s peoples ass hurt over a video game is beyond me. this shit aint no career, this shit aint that serious. its a fucking video game, they’re as perfect as humans are sometimes.

im excited karas is such competition, gives something to go for. matter of fact, this forum would be dead as fuck if there wasnt all this bullshit we found to try to deal with.

play the game. you get hit once, you die, or almost die. tekken 5 was like that, dr was like that, 6 was like that, hnk was like that, most vs games were like that, etc… either you got a launcher, or just one hit, and it was curtains for your life. that is not something we have not seen before. yeah i know people are like, but mvc2 dropped over a decade ago, and they still couldnt get it better than tvc. well, they did in ways, but someone is always going to find exploits and glitches, so the best you can do is play it and want more, and better.

maybe im just being to serious. maybe im misinterpreting some random, fuck tvc, as something deeper, and my bad if you feel steamed inside by reading this, but for christ sake, just play the game already.

ban karas because he can infinite

i so hope to god you are trolling

i understand your frustration, but you were right about one thing, you were wrong to make this thread.