Please play Marvel


Okay as I understand it, there’s a lot of people within the great City of Seattle, that do not play the game of Marvel vs Capcom 2. Now! With that said, I want to ask why? Why do you not take advantage of the fact that you live in Marvel Centralia/Utopia? What are your personal reasons, for not playing Marvel? You don’t like the game? Hate Cable maybe? I wanna hear what YOU, the people think/feel. I’m really curious, y’see the way I look at it, it’s too good to not take advantage. Check this out this is an example, Little Joseph in Des Moines, Iowa loves him some MvC2, and everyday he wishes he lived in a place like Seattle, where there’s amazing Marvel competition/players. But since he’s stuck in Des Moines, Iowa, he’s stuck with his local Third Strike scene that swears to God Almighty himself, that Japanese Twelves beat Chun Lis on the daily. Imagine how he would feel about the people in Seattle that don’t take advantage of their God given gift of location??

So without goin off course from the thread’s original goal, post up, tell me what YOU think. Also, let’s keep it civil man, cause I don’t wanna see no out of wack posts, and then see you in person at GW or at Zach’s having that gross “uncomfortable silence” thing goin on. So…



he’s got a real good point…


While I got love for all my homies across the water, I’m too busy attempting to win at life to head back into the competition scene. I work full-time and by the end of the day, I just want to sleep or whatever. I hardly have time for my own copy of Marvel on my DC. It’s not worth it to me at the current moment to drive out to that side and get served by the best. I’ve got skills that are like two or three years behind all ya’ll.

I haven’t played a good game of Marvel in forever. I’m really hoping that when those Evo2k6 DVDs come in, I’ll want to start playing competitively again. But that’s an “if” more than anything.


LOL. Hillarious and true.

I may be wrong in this, but I blame the overall lack of a general arcade scene. I remember back in 92 when a new game came out everyone and their mom would learn it and create competition. Nowadays, there is no real incentive to pick a game and learn it since the only time you would play a fighting game is on console with a friend who also happens to suck at the game, resulting in neither wanting to learn it since they did not immediately get the hang of it.

More specifically, Seattle has really good players and those who get raped constantly. For a lot of people constant rape is discouraging.

For me, 3s is easy. I never practice that game, granted I am not excellent at the game but I get by. It is so basic anyone can get the hang of it. I play marvel a lot more and I am still not that good.

I take it upon myself to know every fighting game I can, especially when there is competition for it. How people can stick to being “good” at only one game is beyond me.


You don’t count Lee. You’re HoF around here. Just about everyone remembers you, this thread was more centered towards the people who have never played and never plan to hahah.

<3 Spiral grab <3


I can agree with that, after all Seattle is an arcade city. It’s very easy to get discouraged up here when it comes to playing Marvel, shit I get discouraged A LOT. One thing that’s cool though, is that there’s always someone willing to help teach around here. I’m willing to help anybody who needs my help (although I don’t see why anyone would ask me for help) should they ask me. But good post sir! For all the you mean posters that may come into this thread, please look at the posts above you as examples of good posts! Let’s keep this train movin baby!


I didn’t get into Marvel before because it seemed so fast, it was intimidating. In high-level play, it still is for me. Just watching Row and JMar go at it is pretty freaky. I’m not going to invest the time to try and reach their level, though. There really are better things for me to dedicate myself to. Games like third strike and Mugen (my current game of choice) are easy to get into and fun for casual play. There really is no casual play in Seattle marvel, from my experience. It’s too serious :sweat:


Seattle is taking over the world.


I blame WoW.

But to any up and comers, Mandel is right… marvel is hella intimidating, I never thought I could even wrap my head around the game years ago when I started getting into it, and everyone is more than willing to help out… just ask a question. Its motherfucking ask jeeves up in here. Except probably more helpful.

Also just play, it helps. Get raped by Jason like 10 times in a row, and magnus will look a lot slower. Play against Frank and beat his ass cause he sucks, feel better about yourself.

Marvel. It tite games.


Nice post Jeff!

It is definately unfortunate that people around here are passing on marvel to play other games. It’s true that marvel isn’t as accessible as other fighting games, but once you really start to learn how to play its crack. I remember I used to ‘almost’ feel bad for people that were into fighting games, but decided not to learn marvel. I’m obviously super biased, but I just feel like marvel is the best fighting game out there and nothing else is even really that close.

I can still understand why people don’t play though. It can be very discouraging to just get the shit kicked out of you all the time, and with marvel thats prolly gonna happen for a long time while you try to learn. Hell, I still get beat up all the time. It can also be rough because of the amount of execution required to compete at high levels. One missed button and you might have just lost the whole game.


Seriously fuck all the people living in Seattle who are like “ehh marvel’s alright, THREEZ OWNS LOLOL NEW GAMER VISION VIDS PLZ!!!1!” I’d like to play marvel but my area sort of prevents it since there are only a couple marvel players and no central place to play, you guys have about 10+ people who are dope at it and have been playing for 6+ years, AND you have biweekly meetups at a bomb house where you can play marvel on cab OR dc, fuck I wanna get back into marvel now:|


A couple reasons. I do really fucking hate Cable, but that’s not really one of them. It’s part of it though… I like to pick characters I actually like, and everybody else likes to pick god teams… and everybody in Seattle is really good at Marvel. Basically tiers are my problem with MvC2, and my #2 problem is not having a way to practice the game on stick. No psx-dc converter and fuck practicing on the fucking retarded DC pad. If I can’t practice, I don’t even want to bother playing Seattlites, they’ll just mop the floor with me. I used to hold my own with lower tier teams when I could practice… I didn’t exactly beast, but playing people wasn’t just embarassing.


luckily in marvel the characters that are the best are also the ones that are the most fun to use (more options, better mobility, tighter combos).

if you want to play low tier you can still do it and compete, but you just have to give them some backup.

sent/low tier/ commando, storm/sent/low tier , low tier/ low tier/ tron are some examples.


Power of the…

If Marvel got me mad bitches I’d play it.

Ya see playin 3s has got me puss…well no it hasn’t, but this one time I almost…nah not really…

hmmm…ya imma start playin marvel.


lol! keep your game up! lol!


To me playing marvel against someone that really know’s the game is the same as playing someone on ST that really know’s the game, either way your getting raped.

I dont understand why people hate Cable so much, he’s the least of my worries compared to Storm Sent and Mag. Whenever Cable unloads X3 AHVB’s and takes out a full health character there is probably a mistake that you did to allow it.


I see where your coming from with that!


Hatred for Cable got me nowhere. Just remember that Cable can’t hurt you as bad up close if you’re Magneto. =P


It’s fun fighting cable as long as your shit is coming out. Feels good to beat him up.


i play marvel casually, HELLA casually, my thing is that marvel is just beyond me as far as being able to play it skillfully when i don’t understand what is even happening on the screen, i think once i got samB in an unblockable but i didn’t noticed and didn’t know how i did it lol, it’s just too chaotic for me so maybe if i practice a bit more but not right now 3rd strike is my game =D