Please rank these sticks so I can make the right choice!

Hi, as you all know, Super Street Fighter IV is on the way and I would like to buy another stick for the release of this game. I already own a Standard Madcatz stick with Sanwa parts instead of the original parts. Could you please rank the following sticks so I can have a better idea of which one would be the best bet and feel free to comment anything. I added a Hori pad too.

Rank these sticks and the pad in order of preference :

Madcatz : Standard stick and Tournament edition stick.
Hori : Pad EX Turbo 2, Fighting Stick EX2, Real Arcade Pro EX and Real Arcade Pro EX SE.

Lastly, do you know if some new stuff (sticks or pads) will be release with the launch of Super Street Fighter IV.

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What is there to rank?

There are hundreds of posts about these sticks…

Oh and they already released the SSF4 sticks so what would they possibly release between now and April 27th?

Markman’s Tekken website has ranks for all the arcade sticks gives you most of the information on them aswell if you cant find it in the description people in the ‘‘comments’’ section have provided the rest his site is


MadCatz TE Round 2 Fightstick, However is the best choice right now in my opinion unless you cant afford one you can get it on amazon or

AIAB > all

not really.

Madcatz : Standard stick and Tournament edition stick.
Hori : Pad EX Turbo 2, Fighting Stick EX2, Real Arcade Pro EX and Real Arcade Pro EX SE.

TE, RAP EX-SE, RAP EX, SE/EX2 according to stock parts quality and moddability.

I can’t rate a pad.

For off the shelf sticks:

MadCatz TE "S"
MadCatz TE
MadCatz TvC
Hori FS V**
MadCatz SE**
Hori FS
Hori T6/Wireless FS
anything by Exar

*I’d consider it a tie and the choice depends mostly on your preferences.
**Again, depends on your preferences, Hori FS has better parts out of the box. MadCatz SE is easier to mod.

I like the regular TE style (MvC TE, Round 2 TE, Femme Fatal TE, Comic Con TE ect) better than the newer TE (S) version because of the sides and the bezel. Not really a fan of the new TE (S)'s sides and artwork, plus the button colors are ugly (xbox 360 rainbow shit and all dark hai buttons for the ps3)

I would strongly suggest you buy a custom box + parts rather than any of these sticks. You could work a deal so it won’t be too pricy. If that’s not a viable option check out markman’s ranks on sdtekken. Furthermore I would strongly advise to print a couple of layouts from slagcoin and test which one suits you before purchasing any sticks.

AIAB does make some nice sticks though. I know I love mine.

They are fugly

Get a TE round 1, round 2 femme fatale or comicon.

I personally think the HRAP EX SE, all Seimitsu is probably the best stick there is on the market right now, and yes that includes the TE. The reason why I chose to import one into the UK, where they don’t retail.

How the hell do you rank a stick? How? Threads like these make my dick limp.

When you are considering the hardware…Sanwa…Seimitsu…Happ…what-the-fuck-ever, they are like flavors of ice cream.

When you are comparing the box itself, the box preferences depend on how fat your legs are, if you have dwarf hands or gorilla fingers, or if you want a portable stick.


I disagree with Markman in putting the TE stick in the SS category by itself, above the rest. It is to be expected since he had a hand in designing it.

With the PCB problems it has on occasion with RT going out, the PC compatibility problems on the PS3 model, and flimsy cord door, it should not be categorized SS. It should be in the S category with the other good sticks. Also the HRAP3 SA seems to be backwards PS2 compatible unlike the TE so I’ve heard.

I think ease of modding might be the reason he put it up there. Even the HRAP 3 SA is more difficult than the TE isnt it? I really don’t know, just taking a guess. Difficult might not be the right word… perhaps not as much of a cake walk.

I have one and I prefer my TE over it because of the button layout and the size/shape of the case.

I like the weight of the HRAP EX-SE though and I like the whole design of it, thats about it though. I only use mine for Shmups though, as I don’t like the LS-32 for SF IV or any other fighters.

yes really