Please Rate My Ibuki Training Regimen (Bronze)

Thank you for taking an interest in my training! I’m a mid-to-high bronze player who loves Ibuki. What follows is an outline of what I go into the lab to do and how I do it.

If you’d be so kind, please comment on any aspect of my training that you feel would be detrimental or isn’t going far enough. It’s very basic right now since I kinda don’t know what I’m doing or how to narrow down the millions of articles/videos that go over how to play Ibuki. I don’t even know what half the lingo means (which is why I’m going to write everything out as clearly as possible, no abbreviations here!).

Step 1) Bread and Butter Combos
The first thing I practice is simple, easily executable combos that will allows for optimal - or at least acceptable - punishment when my opponent whiffs an uppercut or something. I practice two main ones:
[] Light Punch -> Medium Punch -> Hard Punch -> Raida (Light version)
] Medium Kick -> Crouching Hard Kick -> Standing Hard Kick -> Kasumigake (Hard version)
Of course, I practice them on both sides, not moving on until I successfully perform one 5 times in a row.

The reason I practice the second combo specifically is I’ve found that at my level most people have a difficult time blocking anything that follows. A successful one of these often leads to a cross-up (Medium Kick) where I can quickly execute the first combo - or even the second one all over again (this works great on the lowest level players I fight against). As I poke my head into silver I have noticed that people fall for this less, especially if I attempt it more than once. I’m beginning to suspect that I might need to add something else to my wheelhouse.
Step 2) Combo into Critical Art**
[*] Light Punch -> Medium Punch -> Hard Punch -> Critical Art
For some reason my brain separates this from my usual bread and butter combos. This might be because I have a lot of difficulty in pulling this off reliably, especially on both sides. It’s currently one of the beasts I’m trying to slay as I try to improve.

Step 3) V-Trigger Combo

I actually have no real plan for this. I just know that this is an important part of Ibuki’s kit that I just cannot seem to pull off with any reliability. Right now, besides consistency with combos in general, this is my dragon to slay.

It’s probably weird to hear me say that I have a lot of execution issues in this game but that I love Ibuki. I’ve tried other characters and had some success with them (Karin was probably the most successful I’ve tried, Laura was fun but felt frustrating). I fell into a similar trap in SF4 where I loved Makoto but couldn’t do half the things I needed to do in order to excel. As weird as it sounds, Ibuki just kinda “clicks” in my brain better than any other character in the game at the moment (that I can afford (she’s the only DLC character I own)). That’s why I like her, and that’s why I wanna train with her.

Thanks very much for sticking it out this far. I’d like to continually update my training with your help if possible and become a players worth playing against! is a good poke and links into now so get used to doing that. into light kick should be your go to combo as well. For v trigger stuff learn the Sako bomb reset as well because it’s pretty essential if you land a hit and most people in bronze prob don’t know about it. Also is a good poke that is safe when space correctly and leads to decent damage off normal and counter hit. Also when you end in lp raida if you dash forward and do it hits meaty.

You probably want to do a medium Kasumigake instead of the hard one. Off that you can do a meaty medium kick (confirmed back into the combo), medium punch (then into kunai/v-trigger combos once you get there, or into overhead back into medium kick on hit and the combo again on hit which a lot of people will fall for in bronze), or if it’s getting blocked just throw them.

For bombs, if you want an easier combo, you can try anything into kunai -> v-trigger cancel -> st.hp xx hk. dp (bomb explodes here) -> hk. kasumigake -> hp, hk target combo. It does good damage and stun, and you can get a basic setup off of it after (f + hk, if they don’t quickrise, jump over them and do instant kunai for a meaty or don’t do the kunai and you’ll be in perfect crossup range.) There are some ways then later to make that combo fancier into resets so it’s good to learn anyway.

The combo into critical art isn’t optimal but works and is easy to combo into. It’s good if you’re just working on getting down the super input and want to be sure to get it off, but if you have the opponent in stun or something, you’ll get way more damage if you do

light punch (whiff this, hold down the button to do kunai release) -> jump -> jump heavy punch -> crouch heavy punch -> release the light punch, doing kunai release -> critical art. This will do a huge amount of damage, and it’s pretty fun to do, too!

if it’s the case where you’re punishing a whiffed/blocked dp and get a crush counter, you can do (crush counter) -> st.hp -> hk.dp (optional but adds a bit of damage) -> critical art. This one is also pretty straightforward and it’s not too hard, and does very good damage.