PLEASE READ: Pownz e-Sports Center and HST

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for taking the time to read this thread. Due to the upcoming introduction of HST by the Canadian government all venue fee’s will be subjected to tax. So in preparation Pownz venue fees will be 10 plus tax. which at the current rate is 5% and will then increase to 13% on July 1st 2010.

Venue fee Saturday March 13th 2010

After tax


Venue Fees Thursday July 1st 2010


We understand it may be unusual to see such a occurrence but venue fees are considerable a taxable item as mandated by the Canadian Government and we have to abide by that.

We appreciate your understanding in this manner and your continued patronage

looks like mongoose is out - anyone got a nickle?

why not just re-adjust the price so that it comes out to $10 AFTER the tax rate is applied

Cuz that’s not how business works in the real world.

Why would POWNZ lose money so they could pay the government?

Why should we?

It’s stupid either way, but …

I think people need to get some perspective. This is a business. We all show up and have a good time playing games but it isn’t our living room/basement. Pownz has bills to pay just like any other business. The government passed an awful tax through the system. One that just about every small business hates. It’s not like Pownz randomly decided to jack you 85 cents (I can’t believe we’re even arguing over 85 cents). They’re taxed so we’re taxed. Why should the venue absorb what would have amounted to about $60 yesterday just because people don’t like paying above a number they’re typically used to paying? Come on now… 85 fucking cents. That’s some funny shit right there.

Yeah when I thought about it in terms of Pownz losing a lot more money on their own than everyone individually, passing it on to us is totally fair.

I just hate carrying loose change around, I really like exact dollar amounts.