PLEASE READ: Revamping MvC2 Strategy and Tactics

As a new mod I’ve decided to clean this place up. A lot of threads will go, a lot of information will be compiled in one place in a sort of “repository” for each character, and I’ll be making a few videos to help out new players or those wanting to learn a new character.

Many people say MvC2 is dead, but if it at all possible I don’t want to let these MvC2 forums turn into the wasteland it is starting to become. At one stage we had some of the best players in the world posting here; Mixup’s threads were invaluable, as were many of the posts by up and coming players or experienced players like Magnetro, Geronimo, Reset, da_dragon, 50morecentz, fanatiq, Remix, deadeye… the list goes on. The main thing deterring these players from continuing to contribute is the lack of valuable discussion in these forums and the influx of threads like “How do I infinite with Magneto?” when there is a thread called “The final thread on how to do the ROM infinite” RIGHT above it. I will be strict on stupid posts like this, but will hopefully have enough information in the same place that newbies will no longer need to ask these questions. I will be encouraging and stickying threads with thought provoking discussion so we can try to turn these forums back to their glory days - it may be a far fetched wish, but I care enough about the technical aspects of MvC2 and helping others to learn that I am willing to try.

I welcome and encourage any suggestions on how these forums can be improved, and also appreciate any help. Keep in mind that I cannot make any new moderators and SRK is not looking for moderators, but will credit anyone that helps out.

I hope to have the new MvC2 Strategy and Tactics guidelines up within a few days, and the first of the videos up not long after that. Once again - feedback is appreciated.


Sounds like a good plan eKiN.

I suggest [somehow] finding some of the [character specific] posts from’s “MvC2: Advanced Review” thread and copying/pasting them into a new thread here. Maybe a “MvC2: Advanced Review v2” or somethin’.

Oh yeah, and I also thought about doin’ a “MvC2: Back to basics” thread awhile back. Where I’d basically make a guide (actually, jus’ a big ass post :razz: ) about basics (notation, terms, who’s top/high-tier and why, etc.) and other things anyone who wants to learn MvC2 should know. But I jus’ didn’t end up doin’ it, go fig :xeye:.

Hope that helps.

  • Geronimo

i’d suggest stickying a thread in each character specific solely on their infinites. for example, in magneto’s section there’s a sticky about doing the rom infinite, but perhaps maybe make the thread wider (for the sake of magneto) to incorporate all of his infinites.

Good to hear

I dont’ know what you’re planning but if you want categories something like

Comboes (Preferred/Most Damaging)

Strategies and Match Ups




Execution/Performance for something like how to do the claw and the slide method.

also for low tiers i’d like to know if someone can tell me how hard it is to find frame data yourself. I think low tiers could find more value in the frame data in their special moves (since alot of characters rely on them more than the top tier do)

good luck, if you need any help with low tiers i’ll provide any info i know.

making a section for team strategies would be nice, a lot of new people use msp because they saw some soo matches and they want to look cool like that, but they dont know how to use the team too well so they come here when all there is are character threads and scattered team threads that seem to go nowhere. if there were more pro’s coaching the new guys it might pick up a bit, but from more or less retarded posts like:

“i go into flight with sentinel but the lk doesnt come out, what am i doing wrong?” then the reply is “you have to fast fly, to do this the stick has to reset to neutral then you tap a direction like forward+lk and the lk should connect”. after that the same person comes back and says “k i tried it but the lk didnt come out? what am i doing wrong?” and it continues this way, so if there were more intelligent discussion the threads would see more traffic.

like higher-jin said, get an execution thread. i finger slide but im not sure what claw is? im guessing its thumb but hey i could be wrong, a section on how to use finger slide or claw or thumb would be great. could also direct people to m1x4h’s site since he has vids like for rom timing and stuff, could take some work off you eKiN if you plan to make a tutorial vid like that.

sounds like you already have the idea set, but you asked for support so i put in my 2 cents. ill start helping out in the threads, i’ve been playing for 4 years so i should know something heh.

Yo, your plan sounds great! You have no idea how many times I have came here to just find a few good combos with a character and just ran into loads of crap; Cable, for instance: lp,lp,HPx4 uh… well, that of course did not work. A lot of stuff like that. lol.

Well, as a player trying to get serious about playing again, I would like it if the character specific threads had a little clean up because, lets face it, there is a whole bunch of good information out there, but its very difficult to find among all of the garbage.

What I mean by “clean up” is this:
Condense the character specifics into just 2 or 3 threads. Say, one for solo combos, assisted combos, solo strats, and then teams that use this char well along with mini strats about why they make are a good asset to the specific team.

I went to find some Storm solo combos at her char specific forum and the only ones that I found that had any use were the obvious LA xx LS ones and her (corner) HK /\ sj.HK>AD.DF>AD.HK / lk,lp,hp,hk B&B. Well, I’m ranting again. Anyway I hope that there are some improvements to this site because there is no reason for the MvC2 competition to dye because all of the good info is burried under all of the bad stuff.

Thanks Ekin, Great Suki cancel vid!

besides all these points mentioned attack priorities should also be noted. For example, if both opponents use the switch trick, Cable’s c.lp beats Mags anyday and stuff like that. It’s quite important too.

go nazi like geekboy

Very good idea, this is a must to get people (expecillay noobs) focused and motivated in the whole marvel deal. Team dynamics should help a bunch. The most important things I think for noobs are a good explaination of the game engine and execution. I’ll try helping in some threads as well. I got my knowledge. Thanks for trying to help the community eKiN.

In the case of Magneto, yes.

In the case of Blackheart (for whom playing with the intent of using the infinites at a tournament level is generally quite counter-productive in the long run), no.

I have some comments. I still think that getting rid of character specific forums would bring more discussion and attention from evrybody, including the best players. Sing;e threads are effective enough for most characters.

Stiltman, you already agreed with some people at BH’s thread that the infinite has some uses (mainly a meter builder for BH/Cable tag-in combo). It may be as useful as ROM. The reason for that, in my opinion, is that ROM is more and more becoming obsolete (why take little damage and reset when you can take big damage and reset or kill). I saw those Justin vs Sanford vids, and you can find only 2 ROMs there, in almost half an hour of play, both going for the kill.

Finally, my main point. I think a nice thread would be a video analysis thread. Someone chooses a specific match and we all try to analyze it in detail. What was done and why? What could be done better? and stuff. This can also lead to some interesting technical side discussions. The main hurdle is that the topic would need to be started by some relatively known and respected member and also become a sticky. If I start a topic like that, I think it would get little attention…

The ROM infinite isn’t becoming obsolete. Most people stay away from it because they don’t have the execution needed to use it to it’s full potential. Doing that repetition till 40 odd hits and DHCing is something that a lot of people can’t do; most people mess it up, and lose the momentum and eventually stay away from it.

I’d rather say that it’s popularity is going down; it still has it’s uses. Meter building, reliable damage, reset opportunities, etc.

That being said, resets without the ROM do much more damage, it’s an easier method to kill your opponent.

No, it isn’t. The ROM infinite (how did that acronym get started, anyway?) is usable just about any time somebody screws up and can be set up or just started up at random, and if someone executes it properly, they can flat out ruin many teams by snapping out characters or leading to something where someone gets killed.

BH, on the other hand, needs to pick Cyclops rather than Commando as his AAA, which takes away a bunch of his overall damage power, and pretty much has to bring a partner who makes better use of Cyclops and Commando, which in turn takes away his best, most damaging DHCs. Yeah, BH can potentially stop doing the infinite and snap someone too, but nobody’s likely to see their team utterly ruined other than just mucking up the team chemistry by BH snapping in Team Scrub’s Commando. It hurts, but certainly not as much as if that’s Magneto there.

Deadeye, are you saying that sanford and justin have poor execution? Cause I got my opinion from watching their videos. I meant obsolete at high levels… asides from meter building (which is very good for bh/cable) 6 fierce does the other things much better than ROM IMO.

Stiltman, I think ROM refers to a japanese guy called ROM who started doing it a lot. If somebody screws up, mag can go for a combo like the shockwave with commando into hail (justin), or just assist, 5 or 6 fierce (60% or so and great opportunity for a new reset). I am not just thinking it is not practical. I just watched justin vs sanford and theyd on’t use it, thats the origin of my comment.

See top Mag players. Justin and Sanford may be the best, and they’re not using it. See top BH players (you). You were playing BH/Cable/Cyc in the video I saw. If you were not so enraged against the infinite, I bet you could’ve made good use of random hit, or cyclops, infinite for bars, tag in, ahvb for the kill, guard break with cable still having cyclops and blackheart as partners (very hard to fight against)

You see Justin and Sanford play in vids, I see them play IRL why dont they do 40 hits? I dont know maybe they dont feel like it… :rolleyes: Anyway goodluck getting the forums back to normal eKiN cause they were getting kind of boring. But any help anyone needs i’ll be glad to give assistence :karate:

somebody remember here of JW x Soo that soo mighty made a ruge Rom then resets on jjustins sent?

well… I dont belive that ROm is obsolet, I like to use and is really efective, its good to chenge the combinations(not only 2x, tj lk, if u alternate, u can confuse more the oponent, helps in reset! well… for me works anyway…

Yeah, one game worth nothing. Next year Justin smashed Soo 3-0. Still 3 games worth nothing, but Justin is number one by far, and Sanford is the only one close to him.

When they’re playing, seriously ( at a tourney like in the vids, not random everyday magneto/cammy/guile play), ROM seems obsolete…

Well, I don’t like the infinite, partly because it’s flukey enough to be inconsistent (and if there’s one thing you don’t want in a tournament match, it’s inconsistent combos), partly because it fills the meter for the other guy almost as much as it does for you (yay, even if I -do- manage to get the tag to Cable right, I burn a bunch of my meter just to kill a Magneto that’s already mostly dead anyway, and I’ve filled the meter for an opposing Cable to fight back with), and frankly, if I’ve got an opposing Magneto player I’d probably just as soon have him backed into the corner after the flying screen from the usual stuff anyway.

And meanwhile, if I’ve got BH/Sentinel/Commando, I’ve got a much sounder team that has a lot more offense for BH from a lot more angles on the screen and a much more reliable DHC combo that will kill someone from basically anything major that BH hits anywhere on the screen, air or ground, demons, pokes, whatever.

For BH/Cable/Cyclops, I’ve got a combo that’s so unreliable that it amounts to a showboating trickshot, that I can only do based on a hit on the ground, and meanwhile for my trouble I give up most of BH’s space control, and most of both his -reliable- offensive firepower and opportunities.

Yes, I was using BH/Cable/Cyclops in that particular match, but mainly because it seemed to be throwing a few people for a loop so I pulled it out as a random curveball. I much prefer BH/Sent/Commando overall, but even in that match, my biggest mistakes IMO had more to do with failures of awareness and execution in the second and third games than not using the infinite.

There are like 4 Strider threads worth stickying and it’s pretty obvious which ones they are. If they didn’t fall to the back page then there wouldn’t be any “How do I do teh block thing where Strider does stuf wit his cool ring thingys and teh uber-cool rocks that spin around teh metal guy in teh really big cape lol?” threads.

Nice explanation, and I agree with the last sentence. I did not mean that not using the tag combo was a flaw, I just used your game as a reference to state that the infinite can be useful.

I understand the anti-infinit behavior, since most BH, Magneto, and sometimes even IM players infinite for the sake of doing infinites (or maybe throw some reset in the middle of it, a scrub’s favorite). My point is that top players go for the kill, and its possible to use Bh’s infinite into that strategy (not so much with BH/Sent/Capcom, where your DHC is much more reliable than tag in to Sent)