Please recommand me some trust worthy site to buy aracade part

title say it all



Look in the forum…There are threads started by arcade parts distributors with 40-50 pages of feedback and answered questions. Also, look in the trade outlet forum.

It sure does.

You could have looked in the sticky’d threads.

Lizardlick dont take orders anymore and apparently they take forever to ship.

and worst of all they use UPS aka rip-off bastards

Actually, they use USPS. Though I never thought of UPS as a rip-off.

I guess he was referring to the fact that UPS charges brokerage fees

you must be a stupid troll or something…

LL uses USPS.
they arnt open ATM because chad got 1500+ orders in a month or so.

once he is back from that large influx of orders he will be back to the same old.

yeah, here you go

Dont forget to grab their p360s

not saying that happ is bad though

He now does arcade parts, he ships fast, and does not lie when things are out of stock. I have been using him for a while, and many on the SRK forums approve of modchipman.

x2! :lovin:

x3 - :encore:

Akihabara Shop is great too but he is currently no longer taking orders until May I believe.

Bro I need to buy some aracade part too.

I just loled at my desk.

Do you know where I can buys me sum Sunwa parts bro?

Forget Sunwa, go Seemetsu

anyone know who has the seimitsu clear buttons in stock?

Yo dawg, word on the street is is opening it doors to the US customers and they have the clear seetmetsu buttons. Holla at them 2morrow. Peace out

whoever said modchipman, you are 100% correct.Good service and turnaround.