Please reconnect controller

Maybe I don’t know what keywords to search but I’ve tried and come up with no results. I’m taking the plunge here.

I opened my HRAP EX to figure out why a “Please reconnect controller” message pops up all the time but I don’t see any issues with the connection of the wires. Everything looks tight and secure. What can cause this issue and how do I fix it?

Check where the USB cord connects to the PCB. Those wires are usually extremly thin and maybe one is wiggling.

Ah, but I did. All five wires are connected very tightly and I don’t see any frays or anything else that could be wrong. Perhaps I’ll take a pic and post it. Assuming there were no visible signs of damage, what could be the problem and the solution?

That’s what it looks like. And like I said, connection feels tight and no frays.