Please,someone make me a KOF avatar for srk

Can someone make me a avatar that has Kyo doing his flame super (i prefer it moving). Also add my name “Kabe” on it, and can you please add the decepticon logo on it. (if possible can u have it spinning.)
You can add anything cool to the background if you like.
Thank you in advance:pleased:

as an improvment, i’d take out the pause frame

change the background… take the same two colors, but gradients are gay…

take those colors, go to filter > render > clouds

then go filter > render > lighting effects

and do soemthing with that…

just some tips if you wanna take them into advice…

oh totally forgot about this thread. yeah i’ll try that out right now. thx for the tips m1x4h. it’s always good to learn more :tup:

edit - like this?

try to take out the flash frame, unless what you do is make two loops, one with a different direction for the flame… or just get ridof it completely…

and add a stroke to the text… that usually looks tight

Yeah, take out the flash frame, and stroke (outline) the text.

Go to the text layer, on the layer palette toolbar thing on the right, right-click it, and go to blending options, go to stroke, and just do like, 1 pixel of black. It’ll make it look much better.

/random pointers

woah i never new about the text stroke and all that stuff… damn i’m gonna be using that shit from now on! also i did what u guys told me to do on the tee. thx for all the tips and advice and if you got more to teach, teach away :badboy:

word mang…

if you have any questions on how i did any of these let me know

go to the digital art > avitars

yeah i went to your site before. i like the demitri one :tup:

thx again. if i have questions again i’ll hit you up with a pm.

If it isn’t too much trouble, could you make me one as well? I like Terry, Kim, and verious other Fatal Fury characters. Actually could someone make me one with a fatal fury focus rather than KOF? Thanks. Please put my name Tora on it if you make it, and I like the color blue.