Please start using p2p public

all srkers should. its a good way to separate from noobs, and big time laggers.

use the latest p2p client (its somewhere in here, forgot the link) . it allows you to set your game to public, no IP’s needed. :wgrin:

Thanks for the link. Im all set.

how would i find players without a chatroom like godsweapon server?

Select p2p on the combobox, click connect (i think) and click waiting games.

Wich version of mame or whatever emu are you guys using for this?


the very first of the 117 series. not u2, u3, or u4.

Why haven’t you switched to .119?

/\ god of mdva uses 119

is that version any good? everyone still on 117. whe ni tried all the 118’s the typing was retarded, had to press it like 3 times for it to open it up.

ill get 119 if i am directed to by master khang though :pray: :karate:

119 runs better for me. but unfortunately, all these new mames dont detect my doa4 stick, at all

have you tried going to options and selecting enable joystick? that was the problem in my case. theres no reason why another version (newer at that) shouldnt be able to detect it when an old one can.

heh trust me, thats what it does. joystick is enabled. allthe really old mame versions detect without a problem (.64 and .67 for instance). .117 doesnt do anything. and 119 actually gives me an actual doa4 stick direct input error right before the emu loads. dont know what it is

all i use is p2p. i refuse to play on any server. no reason.
p2p is the only way to play on mame. and i mean that.

DGV had a problem with MAME not detecting his joystick. I forget how he fixed it.
SaBrE. You can always just use a program like JoytoKey and load the script whenever you’re playing on MAME. That’s what I always do with stuff that either doesn’t let you configure keys, or doesn’t recognize a controller.
Just don’t forget to disable/turn it off afterwards.

This is really true. Whenever I’ve coaxed a player who was using lag friendly tactics into a P2P match it’s a very different ball game. Suddenly they’re like “WTF?! How did you punish that.”

The easiest way to tell that someone you’re playing is used to playing with a lot of delay is if they whiff a DP and they try to do another one when you go to punish.