Please STOP doing this

Okay so I know I’ve stated this a billion times on a few threads; Please for the sake of ALL Gen’s out there STOP doing (KKK) > I HATE seeing Gen players do it, if they block you will literally eat it, unless the opponent doesn’t know much but still.

Please please Gen’s stop doing it, instead do > s.lp >; Only a few of the characters can punish on block, but it puts you in a much safer position because the s.lp will put it farther, if anything do 2 s.lp to hit confirm if they do block.

Now I know that against some characters the s.lp WILL whiff if the opponent is crouching like against Chun

Honestly, it’s a good pay off if you do somehow get >, and I have to admit it’s very useful if you do get it, because you can reset them then Oga, or sweep. AND if your reflexes are good and you can stop yourself from doing if they block then ignore this post, BUT better safe than sorry.

or better yet. just do mantis after the jump in.

Haha yes RawwStewage, anything but >

By the way Raww, I played you online once, vs your Sagat :]

Ha ha i probably lost, my sagat isn’t that great admittedly. I play him because i like being fancy and doing AA kara uppercuts lol.

I disagree.
Please Gen players, continue doing this. This is an important part of your characters options that must be abused repeatedly and predictably.


A horrible and obvious move needs a horrible and obvious punisher: (KKK)
Due to that landing frame bug, it pops up at times. :confused:

And uhh… stop doing wall dives!

Crane j.MK to Mantis c.LK

fortunately most ppl don’t know this but KKK st.jab is -4 on block so fast moves such as dp can reversal punish you so its not an entirely safe hit confirm into KKK cr.short either, making it an even less attractive option.

Well kkk st.jab is a chain into kkk cr.short since kkk st.jab is -2 on hit. So the idea is to see if st.jab is blocked. If it is blocked, push them away by chaining more st.jabs so you’re at a ‘safer’ distance.

If st.jab hits, then go ahead and chain into cr.short into whatever you’d like. Pushing them away with multiple st.jabs (which you can’t reversal because it’s a chain) is safer than having them point blank at +8.

…speaking of a chain also means that s.lp into isnt a real hitconfirm. you have to do it wheather you see it hit or not, hence it’s pretty much useless. best option after any crossup is, or c.lp. try a c.lp into neutral jump - amazing how many fall for that.

empty jump into Mantis c.LP is one of my favorite things to do. I always use c.LK+c.LP in case they try to throw.

I think I posted this bad news before. That KKK jab chain CAN be broken by reversal, on block. Don’t take my word for it, test it yourself.

yea crane sLP is really unsafe, but you can still chain crane cLP after that (0 on block, +3 on hit)
safer than chaining other sLP or even worse, cLK

anyway i’d go for mantis crouching short (or standing strong) all the time unless its obvious the crane crossup is not gonna be blocked

but basically, -4 on block for a standing jab totally sucks, if it gets blocked, you can always get punished… and yeah, fortunately most people dont know that, they could reversal shoryuken all the time… thats ridiculous for a jab

Eek, I mean… I’ll probably take your word for it, but that kinda sucks ;_;

I like the idea of that. Especially if it’s 0 on block, good stuff :smiley:

Well, because it’s a chain, and the fact that you can apparently chain into one of the following = sLP, cLP, cLK you’ll already have hit confirmed either from the j MK or the initial sLP. I guess if you see the first sLP blocked, go for cLP for safety. That seems the most logical to me, hopefully you don’t get reversal’d.

I’m just putting it out there, thanks homies for your inputs, whether or not you agree with me :]

And yes I just want to confirm, if it wasn’t already confirmed, that a lot of times s.lp in crane can be reversal-ed but not that many people know that, so they just block, and if it happens then screw it don’t do it

It’s just a huge pet peeve of mine when I see Gen players do it, but who am I to tell them not to

While I agree that it is unsafe as hell, you could also try to use that to your advantage by just doing and not following up. There will be a chance the opponent whiffs their mash counter, I love it when that happens.

usually I neutral jump if they block it and they don’t really have a DP style move that could punish a neutral jump. If they do, I try not to do anything and keep my fingers ready to tech a throw. But sometimes I still throw a neutral jump in there to throw them off.