Please Support KOF XIII

I am sorry if there is another post that resembles this.

As a 2d fighting games fan I request the people who could support this game to get a copy. I am not a big fan of KOF, i have always been a fan of Street Fighter but i am willing to buy it and play it just to support the genre because 2d fighting games are not as popular as before (as in the 1990’s) and this game is slowly dying. Please support this game in order for the genre of 2d fighting games to expand. Dont neglect this!

They didn’t even announce a console version…

But AH3 comes out in January so you can support that in the meantime!

support Big Bear and his elusive drop kick

@Tartarus: Please visit Dream Cancel | A King of Fighters Fan Community for all your KOF needs.

I’ll be buying KOF13 day one, but people really should give it a try. The KOF series is great and (hopefully) this new addition will be too.

op post should have read “because we all know snk wont”

No. Because their other series are already dead. They couldnt handle them properly, and now in KOF they add a character like Ash. I cant wish for a CvS3 anymore, because of his presence.
I hope they return to the old franchises. With the current technology they could do amazing things since both FF and AOF had such cool features. There is so much in SNK that could be revived…

what a comfortable closet that must be

Apparently KoFXIII is getting a patch.

wrong website homie

I made this thread here on purpose; this forum is the core of the fighting games community and this game needs support by the people of this forum. I’m afraid that one day this game is to be considered ancient history like what was going to happen to SF (10 freaken years of waiting and dreaming) this genre need to be expanded and supported, it needs to reach its previous peak and surpass it. KoF was considered the main rival of SF but sadly the previous game did horrible in the market and this game could be the last KoF. I dont want to see this game go down the drain and die like the other SNK fighting game. The people who are fighting games fans and could support their community, support it by getting a copy when it gets released not just for this game for other 2d fighting games aswell; I emphasized on this game because its a dying legend.

We can’t support a game that over 95% of us can’t even get access to play. Plus you aren’t really supporting by just making a thread and telling other people to support it.

You should buy a cab for your local arcade, THEN you’d be supporting the game/KOF/and SNK.

I personally aren’t too concerned for KOFXIII’s future. One way or another, SNK has been able to get out their past iterations of KOF to the West and in a somewhat prompt and steady manner. We won’t really need to push too much for them to act.

You gotta remember that they want to make money from the arcades first before they consider doing a console port, so patience really is a virtue in KOFXIII’s case. If and when they feel that they’ve made enough dosh, they’ll start the transition (and then we can only hope for the best).

If you’re one of the lucky few who have a KOF arcade cab nearby, you can actively support SNK by going there and dropping your pounds/yen/dollars in (as far as I’m aware, my local arcade in London, Casino, still hasn’t got it, and they got KOFXII quite quickly when that was released, otherwise I’d be there in a heartbeat… =_=).

Otherwise, let’s just wait and see before we consign SNK and KOF to the history books, shall we?


this website ain’t be all and end all, it’s 98% for capcom games and fans of them, not the core fighting game community by a long shot.

But wouldn’t getting those fans to also take an interest, show support and play the game help expand the KOF player base and the fighting genre as a whole?

Use the KOF forum for KOF.

Let me clarify this, When i say a copy i mean a copy of the CD not an arcade cab that wont be reasonable and a console version is announced but still no release date. I am pushing for it because the last KOF didnt sell much, personally i was shocked that they decided to go a step further and make KoF XIII. I am not doing this for the game solely but for the whole genre. Thank God that capcom is doing great, not as great as before but they didnt bring back Street Fighter, they are bringing back MvC and they made TvC. I wish that Arc Systems would mack another Guilty Gear. As i said before we need more people to buy this game and this forum is part of the fighting game community i posted this here to expand the support and interest of this game it would be useless to put it in a KoF forum because most likely they are interested in this game and most likely they would get a copy.

Well its not like making this thread is going to give other people incentive to buy it either.

I think the only thing I would support is Preppy deleting this useless thread instead of simply moving it.

isnt this for strategy discussion?

Sure, but game-specific threads go in the game-specific forums so that we don’t have FGD threads replicating what should be in the subforums.

Short short: Yes, this thread probably doesn’t need to exist. No, it’s not going in FGD.