Please Support My Street Fighter/Chun-Li Fan Comic

Dear fellow Street Fighter artists, art enthusiasts, connoisseurs, comic book readers, and everyone,

Some of you have read in my signature a mini comic that I wrote and commissioned featuring Ryu & Chun-Li, Street Fighter’s two most iconic characters. Right now, I am very excited to be in the process of writing and producing another Street Fighter comic. It will be illustrated by the same artist: a fellow Street Fighter enthusiast, digital artist, and my good friend Sergio Briseño.

Sergio (also known as Tree-ink on his DeviantArt, instagram, and twitter page) is an aspiring artist with tremendous talent. He is inspired by artists such as Adam Hughes, Brad Rigney, Noel Rodriguez, Ariel Olivetti, and In-Hyuk Lee. Sergio LOVES to create art. It ignites his passion. It fills him with joy. You can see all that reflected in the quality of his work. I have entrusted him once again to be my artist for this comic.


When we first worked together, we produced a 9-page mini comic. In the story, she fights against Ryu who has been possessed by the dark hado. And she not only tries to bring him back, but to survive against Evil Ryu’s bloodthirsty for violence. Chun-Li is in a battle for her life. She can hold her own in battle. But against an overwhelming power such as the Satsui no Hado, Chun-Li would be pushed to her limits, both physically and emotionally.

It is an exciting short story filled with action, emotion, and heart. We are proud to be able to have completed something like this.

Below are sample pages drawn by Sergio Briseño.


For our next project, we plan to be more ambitious. Our next comic project is projected to be 60 pages long, broken down into 10 parts. It will include a deeper story with more characters, more fights, and more excitement.

The plot once again follows our favorite fighting game heroine Chun-Li. We all know her history: Chun-Li’s father, who was also a detective, was murdered by M. Bison and the evil crime syndicate Shadaloo. In this comic, Shadaloo strike once again. And this time, they nearly claim the lives of people Chun-Li cares about. So she takes matters into her own hands and to protect those she cares about, she goes alone to put an end to their organization and defeat every member of Shadaloo once and for all.

Below are sample images, drawn by Sergio Briseño.


We’re still in the process of producing the first part of the story. However, creating comics is not only time consuming, but also expensive. I know that word can send a chill down any person’s spine. It certainly isn’t my favorite word.

We do **NOT **want to or plan to make money off of this. All we care about is creating art, telling a story, have our favorite Street Fighter characters and their stories come to life. Sergio Briseño works really hard to make that dream a reality every day. He draws well with exceptional attention to detail, and he always makes an effort to do what he loves to do every day. Sergio is such a fantastic artist, and would love to continue creating this grand story that we have planned, not just for us, but for the world as well…

However, your help is GREATLY appreciated. If you want to support such a great artist, if you enjoyed our Street Fighter stories and would like to see them continue, then you can make a pledge to his Patreon page @ Your pledges and donations will help fund our comic as well as future artworks (Street Fighter or other).

We’re not asking you to pledge your life savings, or a large amount. We just ask to pledge what is in your heart. Even something as small as a few dollars every few weeks would help tremendously. Your support would ensure that Sergio would be able to continue the comic and be sure he can produce to the absolute best of his ability.

As I have mentioned, we’re not creating this comic for money. And we are expecting nothing out of this except the chance to create something amazing, beautiful, and epic. We do this to express joy and our soul in art and storytelling.

Thank your. Here’s the link to where you can support my friend and artist.
We are really excited to release this story for you. Thank you for your support. Let’s continue to create something special. And with your help, we’ll do just that.
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