Please tell me someone has a trick to getting a C clip off?

I mean seriously. I’ve been at it for hours. I’m about to roll in toxic waste in the hopes i get telekinetic powers and can bend it off, because that is the only possible way i can see to remove it.

C clip? You mean E clip at the bottom of the joystick?

Use a flat head screw driver, insert into one of the opening and twist until you can’t really go any further, then insert into the other opening and do the same.

That’s what I do anyway.

Seimistu LS-32(-01) has C-clip, maybe Deadlight7 has that?

There is a tool to remove the Circlip.

Yes, Sanwa JLF and some Seimitsu have E-clip.

Break it and replace it with an E clip from Home Depot. Get two pieces of solid wire, loop it through the holes and pull like hell. It should dislodge enough that you can get it off.

It’s a hori ex2 and is a C clip from what i’ve read, I already have E clips ready to use i just can’t get this flipping thing off, not even with needlenose pliers. Kyle, i see no holes, and am SOL for anything to put around it and pull like that :-/

I used a large flathead screwdriver. It was slightly larger than the two ends of the C clip. I squeezed it in between the ends and slowly tilted it to the side and the LS-32 C clip came off. Getting it on is a bit harder though. You can either sand down the shaft a little in order to get the c clip back on or like Kyle said, replace it with an E clip from Home Depot(preferred).

It is E-clip, not C-clip.
I used a precision screwdriver to remove on my EX2.

What Kyle is saying is method for C-clip.
The holes are for the tool, in which he says to use string.

People are saying the E clip is easier to remove, and frankly, i’m not seeing it lol. How did you get the thing off on your Hori? I’ve been pushing the white part of the stick down against the spring, holding a knife against the one side of the clip and pushing, My grip will either slip and the clip will just rotate, or it just wont move. incredibly frustrating fdnsjfnsdjfnsdj

I had this issue with my Fanta stick. Try needle nose or any set of plyers - should do the trick.

Get a precision flat head screw driver. Opposite of the opening of the E clip you stick in the precision screwdriver.
Put it between the shaft and the clip in the groove on the left side and to pry it off.

Precisely what I did in my Saulabi mod video, and precisely what I suggest. Although the flathead method works too, especially if the stick is preassembled (I had a hard time pulling mine back off my Fanta just to do that part of the video, because I didn’t think about it before I assembled it, and decided someone else might get flustered). But if the stick is unassembled, I prefer using pliers.

Pliers are better because the thing is less likely to fly across the room and get lost. :lol: I’ve had that happen to 3 now.

Never had that happen why are you holding it that high and the air? And pushing it with enough force to send it flying are you holding the spring down?

LOL this thread makes me think back to my first ever arcade stick mod. It was on a StreetFighter anniversary stick, and it was hell getting that E-clip off.

I was a newbie though, and later learned it is as simple as holding down on the joystick from the bottom so that the spring isn’t pushing up so hard and holding it in place. Afterwards it just takes a little wedging from a flathead screwdriver and its off.

Never had trouble with it again in multiple future happ mods, nor fairly recently with my first custom Sanwa.

Not every joystick has a spring. Just saying.

Well on Happ & Sanwa, the two main arcade parts makers, the E-clips aren’t held in place tight on their own. Its mainly the force of the spring pushing down against it that holds them in place.

Without it they’d probably wiggle around during gameplay and eventually fall off by themselves.

(I think. I’ve plenty of experience with Happ, but have only created one custom sanwa, and its been a while since i’ve had to mess with it).