"Please Try Harder" A Practical Impractical Guide To Wesker's Moveset

All that needs to be said is in the title, you guys can think of this as my scientific research thread. I will be delving deep into the depths of Wesker’s moveset in order to unlock his full potential. You guys can come along with me on my journey. I will discuss each move and note anything I think is important. So lets get started.

First off is his Samurai Edge. Coming in at a decent 80,000 dmg, with practically no startup and instant screen coverage, it is the most underrated weapon in Wesker’s arsenal in my opinion. People simply think of using it as a combo extender, but it has many other practical uses.

1.Assist Your Assists:
Some of you may be thinking, “WHAT!?, >:[”. How many of you have done this or fought someone who has. Just stood across the screen from a guy blocking, not sure how to make a move, so you call an assist and try to follow it across the screen with a jump or port. Why? You do have a ranged weapon, why not use it? Lets say you call in an assist that has a little start up, or the character has to physically hit your opponent. Before they block, surprise them with a shot with your Samurai Edge, even if they do block, it may give your assist time to move in or start up, and then you can make your move. Or, you can get your free damage off of your assist and Samurai Edge shot.

2.Its A Loaded Gun Guys!
Leave it to Wesker to bring a gun to a fight where all the enemies have conquered the weapon time and time again. Despite this, it works surprisingly well. The shot does decent damage and its startup is superfastmode. It has a bit of recovery as he puts it away, but you can negate this with a backwards port. Combined with assists and a superfastmode powerful launch, Wesker has the ability to play a ridiculously good runaway.

Cobra Strike is perplexing me. I went into the lab today and I tried to do some crazy stuff, but all you get from it is the same you get from any hard or soft knockdown, an OTG. I did find out that it can be combo’d from Jaguar Kick heavy followup. It has also been useful to me because of its quick startup and decent range. When I find my self disoriented, I often toss it out and get my hit, and it is also good to use when you can’t rely on yourself to pull off a big combo in a high pressure situation.

  1. I Just Ported? WHAT DO I DO!?!?
    Well why not throw ya Cobra Strike? It has superfastmode start up, can be combo’d from a low and if you have an OTG followup assist you get a free launch or level 3. I am not saying throw random Cobra Strikes, but if the moment is right, use it. That is all I really got for it now, I might come back to it. [COLOR=“purple”]Just like I said I might be, I am coming back to the Cobra Strike. It is possible to throw Rhino Charge and its knee follow-up into a jab and Cobra Strike for a knockdown which you can then throw an OTG into assist for smooth butter. This is why I have been playing around with the Rhino charge so much. Imagine this: Rhino Charge>Follow-up>OTG>Assist>cr.M>Ghost Butterfly>SE>Port>B&B>OTG>Assist(AGAIN!!! By now I am pretty sure your assist should be back)>cr.m>Ghost Butterfly or Level 1 or Level 3. Whether or not the opponent will auto-reset sometime during this combo I don’t know, but I cannot wait to get home and try it.[/COLOR]

Oh my beloved Ghost Butterfly, how I love your name and range. This is by far my favorite move in the game.(call me crazy!) Its ability to be combo’d out of Wesker’s superrangedmode cr.M is so helpful. With the right OTG it can get you 2 launches and a wallbounce in one combo. Wesker’s Samurai Edge and Port can be used after it for some huge comboes. What a beautiful move.

  1. To Launch or Not to Launch
    I often times find myself slapping that S on my fightstick to get that easy air combo in, but using Ghost Butterfly can get you that launch and so much more. The possibilities that come from using this move are much more broad than anything you can get from slapping S. Get in the lab with some assists and figure out how to get them to work with this move, because besides his ports, it is possibly the most dangerous weapon in his arsenal.

  2. But He is Across the Screen Now :[
    It is common knowledge, but it is not to be left out. After a Samurai Edge shot you can port right under your opponent and do your damage. Or if you really got the hands for it, dash or H port right to your opponent without using the Sedge. I have been playing around with some assists, and from certain ranges, you can even get your teammates in on the action. Get in their after the wallbounce and really give Wesker a reason to ask “Do you fear me?”.

Sooooo, you uncomboable S.O.B, Rhino Charge, what the hello, how are you doing do I do with you? Guys I am trying to find some untapped potential in this move, but a surefire connect with it can be hard to manage. For a while I thought that I had found a nasty unblockable, but it turned out to be untrue. If you see what I have in purple above, there IS something here, but I’m going to need more time with it. Maybe you guys can help me out, here are some things I have tried:

Using Assists to make a block or whiff safe. (Not too good, he pauses after it if it doesn’t hit and most assists will have the opponent block just as they need to block the charge.)

OTG into Assists into Rhino Charge launch B&B. (Meh, you have to already have the knockdown to use this, thus it only serves as a combo extender.)

Assist hit follow-up. (Well the assist has to hit first, but I guess it can get you that across screen punish if you are anticipating the hit.)

Sorry guys I have been very busy with a lot of things SSFIV and non-game related things. I will make sure to get back into the lab today and do a write-up for another move.

A setup for a setup… i like it

Well thank you sir, I hope some find this useful.

Have you figured out anything with Wesker’s command grab yet? He can kara into it from s.H for a monstrous range increase. I’m thinking c.M (delay) s.H kara Mustang Kick on block, though advancing guard might neutralize it’s effectiveness. I can’t check at the moment since I’m not home, but it’s food for thought.

Thanks, I will add that to my current notes. I have been trying some crazy stuff with Wesker and that is why I haven’t updated this yet. I am about to blow people’s minds with the Rhino Charge stuff I have found haha.

I don’t know why Samurai Edge is an underrated move in his arsenal. If anything, if you want to have any sort of a decent Wesker you HAVE to be using Samurai Edge as much as possible. It is the reason he doesn’t have to rely on meter and build it for the rest of the team.

I’m a bit too ill feeling to jump on the xbox and confirm this entirely but you can add the good ol’ jump gunshot, backwards teleport, another gunshot into c teleport to get a nice safe two aerial gunshots to annoy characters with a beam normal.

Also with mustang kick, i’m sure peeps know this, but after a combo and using the otg for the second time to finish it with a single dash instead of wave dash to get to them, you can dash under them once to be right behind them and next to them, and in range to mustang kick/cross up low

Thanks for the feedback guys, the guide is almost completed, I just have to copy and paste it here. For now I will post my findings with the Rhino Charge. I am still working on trying to break outside the box with Wesker, but I don’t want to keep you guys waiting any longer. I have also been working on a guide like this for Chris and Doom. I am not an expert with this stuff, but the point is to make it enjoyable to read for people whose reading ability doesn’t go beyond txting. XD

I’m looking to seeing what you have for Doom. I know DevilJin is providing so much great input on Doom regarding dash-canceling and how to play sneaky rushdown with him.

I will be sure to look through his things before I do my write-up on Doom. The way that like to play him can be different from other players. It can be a little weird, because I have an awkward B&B and I do not consider combos too important when using him. I usually have him bringing up the rear with xfactor becuz I consider him my chipmonster. I will head over to the Doom thread now and post a little bit on him. I will also try to post a video of my weird B&B(the end is not a combo, it is purely for chip factor)and a loop that I found that works best with xfactor.

Very indepth guide, awesome work. One thing I noticed though.

On the whole calling the assist again, this would only work if you could use your other assist. You can only use each assist once per one unbroken combo. My source on this:

watch around 00:39 and Clockw0rk talks about it.

Cool write up, looking forward to more.