Please update Guile's model next major update!



There is something graphically wrong with Guile in SF4. Dude looks like a reject from the hunchback of notre dame casting.

Look at that hunchback! What was Ono thinking, he has never stood like that in any fighting game he has been in.




Here’s to hoping.:lovin:


thats the basic warrior stance for Army Combatives that was adopted by the air force. figures he would use the same stnace for Guile…


Airforce doesn’t really have a style. They do use the Marine Corps Military Training though. Think it’s called BMT-“Beast”. Combination of different types of punches and close quarter fighting. Basically all those different hooks, uppercuts, jabs and heavy boot kicks that Guile delivers.

Or I could be wrong.


I wanna learn BMT-Beast mode!


This is what Guile should resemble. Take Notes Ono.


8 1/2 week program that the Air Force is really tight lipped about.

Maybe they’re trained in…"Sonic Booommm"?


They have about the same combat training as us Navy guys.

We can sit in chairs and take naps like no-one’s business. Why does Guile have a hunch? He’s an officer in the air force! 95% of his day is spent hunched over a desk doing a variety of activities, such as paperwork or playing a crappy flash remake of bust-a-move.

Don’t take out the hunch. That shit’s canon.


So it is Basic Military Training then?


lol cept please no midriff showing and lose that stupid belt.


This is what he should really look like.

Guile and Chun Li Vs Ninja - See this image on Photobucket.


LOL hope ur kidding.:lol:


Come on man thats sexy!:lovin:



Of course.




get over it…


honestly, i thought stance was a bit awkward at first…but i’ve grown to really like it. the only thing that weirds me out is when he turns his whole body to face ‘the players’, and you see just how disproportionate his arms are to the rest of his body. its funny.


I think it looks cool. It’s a basic fighting stance.


I think it’s just an art design choice. He looks fine.

They need to work on more important things like his somersault, and ULTRA.


Looks the exact same as his old sprites, only turned so he is facing is enemy instead of slightly towards the screen.

He does look very similar to Balrog in the SFIV screen you posted, though… Mike Tyson taught Guile how to box, canon?


i’ll let him know when i see him me and him go way back

fuck outta here with that asinine shit like complaining about his stance, he’s fucking guile it’s the most american stance you can get. stop making dumb posts.