Please update me. I'm back at square one

I’m feeling lazy and jet lagged and yes I opened a new thread so yeah IMMA DUMBASS

I decided to un-main Makoto on December 28 and decided to main…sigh…Ryu. But, Makoto has been there on the back of my head taunting me and I decided to give her another try because I like playing her a lot.

It has been about three months since I touched the character and I’m lost; last thing I remember was the discovery of the OAR setups and mossad man quitting. I will very much appreciate updates on how the understanding and technology of the character has changed during this time.

I’m kinda feeling lost. I want to start again -this time on the right path- but don’t now what to do or where to start. I barely remember any setup or combo -yeah I’m that disoriented-.

Any help on were to focus will be greatly appreciated. And yes I know there are sticky topics with invaluable info but, at this moment they seem like too much to digest.

Thanks in advance.

I’m making a tutorial soon with about about 200% help from Robo so that should help you out… wont’ be done till sometime this weekend at the earliest… be on the look out.
in the meantime, just go back to the basics man. that’s really all you can do at this point.

Were would that be posted? I haven’t had time to keep an eye on the makoto forums for a while and I wouldn’t want to miss it.

Honestly because i’ll be making tweaks or whatever i may just create a new thread for critiques and requests in conjunction (like video examples or further explaination). So it will be easy to find when its done.