Please vote for Bushido Blade 2 release on USA PSN Store!

yay! the Bushido Blade/samurai/ninja fan community finally found a place where our voices can be heard, someone submitted a request and they need our support!!! I felt Bushido Blade 2 on Japan Store was there for a long time, but I am shocked it’s been like 2 years already and it still has yet to be released on USA PSN Store!
(notice how quickly it took Final Fantasy IX to be made available on USA PSN Store. I know it’s popular, but still, does it really require so much time to make PS1 games available on more than one PSN Store? They could make lots of money off of Bushido Blade 2. Lots more money than some games in the USA Store that their titles are even hard to remember. )

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Choose the green arrow to pick yes!
(If you don’t wanna vote yes, then just don’t vote. ^^; )

Even if I somehow got a disk of it, it still deserves to be on USA PSN Store to be enjoyed by millions. It’s already been released here and sold well at the time, and its fully translated, all they have to do is get SE or whatever they need to do to make the english version available in USA PSN Store! People shouldn’t feel forced to buy Japan PSN Store account cards online just to buy and download the game. -.-;

It’s been too long! I know you hear me say best game ever alot, but this time I really mean that Bushido Blade 2 is one of the greatest games ever made and so unique that it could virtually be it’s own category of fighting game. It’s extremely rare to
experience a dueling game that is on the level of a more realistic simulator instead of a street fighter/samurai shodown/soul calibur clone. Not to say clones are bad but Bushido Blade, especially the sequel really brought something new and different to the industry that we don’t see in games these days. :slight_smile:

Here is the official site Squaresoft made for the game many years ago (that I’m surprised is still up.)
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It only takes a second to vote. Your vote can increase the chances of Sony to make it available for USA! It’s no fair it’s only on Japan PSN Store! It’s not like it was never translated in english.

In Japan, Bushido Blade 2 was the top-selling PlayStation game the week of its release as well as the week after. During the week of April 3, 1998, the game was the third best-selling game including games from other consoles.

In North America, Bushido Blade 2 was the ninth best-selling game during the week of November 13, 1998.

It also has one of the coolest CG intros

Bushido Blade 2 would surely win new fans and returning veterans on USA PSN! It really deserves to be on the PSN Store for USA and possibly from there it might be released in other regions too!

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I voted.

And I wish I still had my Bushido Blade 1/2 disc. I hope they release this soon enough. Tony was the shit on that game–along with the metrosexual guy with the pistol.

Voted. Good times.