Please Vote For Me to Win $10k for Dromstruction Funding - Vote Twice Daily!

Hey All,
I have turned the Dromstruction tournament series into a non-profit that uses all of the attention that live-streams and tournaments receive to funnel it into a local charity. Right now I’m working with Chicks in Crisis, and will be for the next year’s worth of events to raise donations and awareness for their cause. The first Dromstruction only raised a few hundred dollars, but I’ve met with the woman in charge of CnC to work out a better plan for the year to come.

As an attempt to get funding for my cause, I’ve applied for Pepsi’s Refresh Everything contest and a few days ago I got the email to tell me I passed the three stages to get to the voting stage. Now I need to get enough votes to be in the top 15, and I’m currently #51 of 160 qualified entrants. Voting goes until Dec 31st and you can vote twice per day. Once online and once via text message. Instructions for both are on the page that is linked at the top of this post.

Thanks for everyone’s help!


Edit: Currently in 51st place =(

Done my first vote and will keep on going!

I’ll vote for ya dude! Good luck.

Thanks for the support! Currently in 41st place!

Yo dis is Gucci BURRR,

I sent in my vote BURRR. I sure as hell will be voting erryday BURRRR. I would vote twice but with me being in jail I am only restricted to internet and shower privaleges BURRRRRRRRRR. Also will this ad aired during streams such as TNT, Ramnation, and other Norcal streams cuz dat shyt would really help you out with the collective effort BURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

I hope you win mang you know Gucci Mane got yo back BURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

That’s a good idea Gucci. I’d been thinking that but not acting on it. I just sent out some emails. Thanks!

Just voted. Good luck, man. I’m posting this on FB and Twitter as well to help out.

voted sir!

Thanks guys!

We fell four places over night. Let’s gain some ground today!