Please vote for the return of the TKCS in the AE rebalance thread

I’m not sure if all of you agree but I humbly submit that the simple return of TKCS is all Cammy needs. Combined with her normal buffs from AE standard I’d fall in love with her all over again :slight_smile:

If we Cammy players want this change I think something like “Please return the ability of Cammy to instant Canon Strike (removal of all height restrictions) while retaining all her Arcade Edition buffs” posted by multiple SRK Cammy loyalists might stand out among the more wacky requests I’m seeing in the forum. The return of the TKCS would make the world a better place :slight_smile:

id rather have height restriction reduced by about 2 frames or… have some hit stun added to the currrent restriction.

also i would like hk arrow to have a damage buff or cannon spike damage buff…

umm or have the dp throw invincible…

or hell give me a normal throw range

just let spiral arrow hit twice and make ex dive kick have some priority

Cammy shouldn’t have her cake and eat it too. Giving her the old TKCS back but leaving her buffs is massive overkill IMO. It’d make her stupid.

IMO, the only thing I’d want is her old Spiral Arrow back, that’s good enough for me.

She still would have her advantages and disadvantages… It would just make her a completely pressure charachter. Giving her a better throw or the older spiral arrow would be distance options. I don’t think that’s what she is or should be. the TKCS allows her to keep constant pressure (though not “Yun like” consequence free pressure) Currently Cammy after working to get in has less options to stay there without TKCS. It was taken away because lower level players got owned by it. That was stupid. If anything it hepls teach the newbies some blocking fundamentals :slight_smile:

give me a good far normal dammit.

or a good neutral jump

I really want the priority on ex cs back. It’s not even a crouch tech punish anymore.

gtfo with this bs! if cammy get this back then yun, yang, fei should not get nerfed at all.

The only thing I want back is the old h.SA.

Yep, give her that back and +20 dmg on uppercut (it worked wonders for Sagat!) and with a nerf to some of the characters above her she’ll be in good shape, assuming people below her don’t get massively buffed like Makoto did.

Playing recently with super cammy, i’ve come to the conclusion that her old hk spiral arrow should return…

But most recently with ae cammy i feel more that she should have at least 1 good fast and safe poke to stop giefs lp spd shenanigans.

This can be done by making the far st. Hk have faster active frames so it cant be caught or by giving her st mk faster recovery or a slight pushback putting her out of range. 1 or the other of these would be very nice for ae cammy. Both would be op

I pretty much just want her old SA back for cross up and FADC purposes. Her buffed normals and new combos are a lot of fun and I’d actually like them to stay rather than have TKCS back. Making the CS height restriction a little more lax would be great too.

ya I really miss the old spiral arrow it let it feel a little more safe. Considering every thing Cammy does is unsafe we deserve this cmon Ono-san! We arnt asking for much! I also really hate how majority of combos heavy arrow hits only once and does turd damage

We really need to be a lot more vocal, people. I just checked out the “official” srk AE patch request thread and amidst so many requests for juri, bimpson, ryu, and for some reason, makoto buffs, there are only a handful of people who even mention Cammy. I am biased, of course, but there is an obvious need to tweak Cammy to make her a more complete package, a character who is viable in high-level play. I don’t want her to be OP by any means, just fun and competent.

So please get posting, people: Official SRK Ultra SF4 Rebalance Request Thread

All I want is Super cammy. She was perfect in that version.

Whatever dude. Once he’s in Yun has a ton of priority moves to stay there. Even with buffed AE normals Cammy can’t apply safe pressure strings anywhere near Yun’s level. A couple of blocked hits and your pushed out of range quick. AE standing fierce helps but I’d trade that any day for the mixup opportunities that come with TKCS. Hell Yun cross-up game off dive kick alone is awesome and Cammy’s own dive cross up game got whacked from Super.

And for all the Twin whiners, how many competitive Cammy’s did you see in top 100 at EVO??? Exactly :slight_smile:

I still think this changes who she is should be. Look at some of Santhrax’s best Cammy work. Rushdown, mixups, exciting risk reward gameplay. Your suggestions turn her into a half assed zoning character (figuring in the absence of TKCS of course) with good foot speed but why woudn’t you just play Fei Long in that case??? TKCS is a big part of what makes Cammy-Cammy IMHO :slight_smile:

Either return of TKCS or HK SA would be nice. Two nerf combined in AE really suck. A lot of time I feel like I am not playing cammy at all. Where is my pressure game?

I have to be completely honest that I would rather have current Cammy than super Cammy. I feel this version of Cammy can beat any player , and there’s much less guessing involved.