Please welcome the new comer Ithra the mighty!

Hello everyone!

you know its strange, i’ve gone on forums before but don’t think i’ve ever gone to the welcoming new people places, so i thought i’d try seeing if someone would help me learn my way around the site instead of learning on my own for a change

well i’m pretty late to the party when it comes to street fighter, first figuring out the basics in SSF2THDRM (that newer long winded named one, you know what i’m talking about) and i’m now starting to get the hang of it in SFIV but i still got alot to learn, but atleast i’ve found my main for keeps (unless super brings someone i like better) and thats Gouken… yeah sounds smart to be learning with a hard charactor doesn’t it?

well anyway i love fighting games, there truely my favorate type of video game, i started with the smash brothers games (i know many say its not a true fighter but i believe it is still a very skillful game, just different. not including brawl though, they threw out just about everything that made smash a good competitive game) and over time i started trying different fighters, virtua fight 4, then 5, then later on i got into SF, also got tekken 6 but haven’t played it that much really.
but i think for now i’m just going to stick with just smash bros and street fighter for now. its like mains, best to only have 1 main and a second. street fighter being the main :wgrin:

ok so now that i’m done telling you guys about myself could someone help me with how to beef up my profile and such things?


the forum actions -> edit profile link is how you edit your stuff, you should be able to find your way around there easy enough

thanks, lol maybe i made my introduction too long winded. but her got my avatar and stuff set up atleast!

When I made an intro thread I got gang raped. Welcome to SKR and hope you don’t get my treatment.

Just so you know, we don’t usually do introduction threads at SRK. There are simple too many users; if we all did one, we’d have nothing but intro threads.

Welcome to the forum. If you think of some specific gameplay questions, by all means, post them up.

Why the fuck would you make an intro thread? It should be about establishing yourself. When you make an intro thread and haven’t done anything you’re basically just like “hi my name is bob and I like SF”. Guess what? There are a ton of other Bobs playing SF. Probably more people know me than I know know me and I never made a damned intro thread. People could just hear me coming. :lol:

Just focus on getting better and try to read more than actually post early on with SRK. It’ll save you a lot of trouble.

To be fair, every single forum that I’ve ever encountered has had a section for intros, and I could see how one could mistake the newbie saikyo dojo for that section.

There’s no need to bag on the guy.

Welcome to SRK, try not to ask any dumb questions.

Hi my name is Mr.SNK.