Plenty of Corn -- Results!


This was our first attempt at running this event. Big thank you’s go out to many folks including the venue Starlite Club, the tourney host Nick Laipply, Zach Chilcote for helping me keep stuff straight and donating extra consoles/games, Nel for recording and bring the big monitor for spectating, and of course thank you to everyone who toughed out the nasty Indiana winter weather and made the trip to our small town.

I believe the idea is to try this event again and see if we can improved on the original. It went pretty smoothly overall but of course the goal is to better ourselves. In the meantime please check out many top 8 matches and a few “cash battles” that were recorded on stage.

[SIZE=4]Here are your results for the four main tournaments and one side tournament, respectively:[/SIZE]

UMvC3 [SIZE=3](21 entrants)[/SIZE]

  1. Dunky
  2. SRM Ftg Hallow
  3. Biodegradation
  4. XeroXen
  5. L.O.V.E. BodyWeightCreed
  6. Riot
  7. Nova
  8. Double A

SSFIV: AE 2012 [SIZE=3](15 entrants)[/SIZE]

  1. Ovaltine Hot
  2. 40% flash kick
  3. cheezface immortal
  4. BlackBeltStatus
  5. Christina Sears
  6. Jayford
  7. SoT Adrianthetruth
  8. 1/4 Filipino Champ

SSBM [SIZE=3](27 entrants)[/SIZE]

  1. Kels
  2. Trail
  3. Little England
  4. Tink
  5. Matt R.
  6. Ryejew
  7. Lanceinthepants
  8. Voorhese

Project M [SIZE=3](30 entrants)[/SIZE]

  1. Kels
  2. Trail
  3. Tink
  4. Ripple
  5. Cunning Kitsune
  6. Rat
  7. Matt R.
  8. Ovaltine Hot

P4A [SIZE=3](10 entrants)[/SIZE]

  1. CORN-AxisTheBeast
  2. benO
  3. miller ball breaker
  4. SOT Pharcydes
  5. IDK
  6. Nel
  7. Bob Dole
  8. cheezface immortal

Fort Wayne, IN: High Stakes Hungry, Hungry Hippos League
[Feb 2, 2013] Plenty of Corn (Decatur, IN)

I’ve been to lots of tournaments, and I’d actually like to say this was in the top percentage of tournaments I enjoyed. I can’t really say much on the smash side of this event, but it seemed like things were proceeding about average. The venue was nice and I really enjoyed myself. Good stuff on running this guys, and I’ll definitely be around for the next one.