Plexi Art - What Type of Paper?


I’ve spent a good half hour searching around trying to find a solid answer to this, but anything I find tends to be about lamilabels.

What is the best kind of paper to use for art that goes underneath plexi, spesifically a Razer Atrox?

Where I’m looking to get it done, I can choose from Matte, Silk, and Gloss. Having never done this before, what finish tends to give the best results?
Also, with regards to thickness, are you looking at paper thin, a light card or a heavy card?

Any help would be seriously appreciated, Thanks!


medium weight paper to light card stock works fine.

I would prefer a matte finish (if matte not available then semi-gloss), but the actual finish is personal preference.


I have no idea and don’t want to get back from printing with something horribly wrong.


Often people make several prints. Not everyone get the sizing right on the first try.

Even then, some people print out multiple sheets incase they mess up. This goes double if you want graphic inserts for your push buttons.


I was considering those… Do you know the diameter of the inserts for clear sanwa buttons? It looks to be about 20mm, but I can’t find anything definitive


Why don’t you get a ruler and do the measurement yourself?
Figure on taking off at least 1.5-2mm off the diameter measured across the plunger of the button.
Keep a sharp pair of scissors ready to cut off the edge of the art inserts if they’re too far to fit inside the plungers.

The official figures aren’t online. Everybody has had to experiment/measure before they did their cuts…
Seimitsu measurements for their transparent buttons aren’t the same as Sanwa’s, either…

Best thing to use to cut out the art inserts is a circular cutting compass. You’ll probably have to get it online. There’s more about this in the past threads about art inserts. Search for threads on art inserts for transparent buttons / how to make art for seimitsu buttons… It’s all been covered before.

Stick to thinner paper, btw… You’ll find out quickly that cardstock and laminated paper are a pain in the butt to cut. Cutting compasses work best with thinner paper like copy paper and cut that paper cleaner than thicker stocks. IF you’re going to use a plexi at any rate, it’s best to use a paper stock that’s thin. Thinner paper also presents color better; card stock tends to absorb ink more and present darker colors than what’s on the original image.


I did thin paper before for stick panel art, Terrible results.

At no point you should see though blank portions of your printed art and see the surface underneath.
The overall look appears Cheaply done and thin paper can crinkle while you doing your install, completely ruining the appearance of the art.

There is a reason Art hobbies does all their printing on lite card stock. Yes it is harder to cut but its harder to also slip and make a mistake while cutting.

I always go for the X-acto Knife route, leaving the cutting compass for the Joystick opening.