Plexi base or solid base?


I have built a prototype stick with a plexi base and find it flexes quite a bit when using it for lap play, just wondering what your thoughts are about plexi or solid base to a stick?

I have noticed quite a few sticks with only corner supports for the plexi - this must flex quite a bit - probably easy to break.


Do you have a pic? How thick is the plexi you use?


Use thicker plexi OR add tabs to your frame so the plexi can’t flex OR painted hardboard is sturdy, cheap, decent looking and about the same thickness as your current plexi.


Using 2mm plexi at the mo


Ah yeah, if you still want to go the plexi route, a 1/4, or one other size down, should do the trick. But a 1/4 shouldn’t be going anywhere.


Thanks, I will look into some thicker plexi