plexi glass

I’m in canada ontario, to order an item of the price of $14.99 I pay more than 60% more than the actual product I’m ordering costs. How can I find items like this elsewhere, is there any type of events?

Subtotal: $14.99
[RIGHT]Estimate Shipping & Tax[/RIGHT]
Shipping (Canada Post (Regular)): $13.79
Handling: $5.00
GST / HST (841947005): $4.39
Grand Total: $38.17

First of All, you’re from Ontario, Canada. Secondly, we dont even know what site you’re talking about for the plexi, or what stick you’re ordering the plexi from.

I assume you’re in the GTA, and if you want to get some stuff locally, you can look up Omega Collectibles who has a site and also attends local tournaments with various products from plexis to buttons and sticks. He normally stocks plexi’s for TEs, and he’s getting stock for Qanba’s shortly i’d imagine.

His next event will be this [Jan 21st, 2012]YRSF Presents: The Double Barrel - Rise of The Underdogs Redux & "Chivalry is Dead"

I assume you’re ordering from Well, welcome to Canada, shipping sucks. Either check out Jamin’s suggestion or see if you have any friends who want some parts and split the shipping costs.