Plexiglass for TE, in australia?

hey guys just wondering, any TE plexiglass makers in australia, sydney?
im just checking for alternatives.

or anyplace that will do these custom job?

gona but from arthobbies. but im just seeing if there is alternatives and cheaper cost. since shipping to australia is about $30+ usd

if not then i will just buy from that site. hope someone can help thanks

Well I think I’ve counted three Group Buys from OzHadou for arthong’s and vocalninja’s stuff.
Looks like you found your way there too.

I don’t even know if any of those went through. :sad:

hehe howd u know that was me??

did my forum name gave it away? lolz

yea men fahhhhhhh >.< i need plexi so bad, altough i did rang a company up, in bankstown @_@

then say they can do what i requested, although they cant even get the template right -.-


Whoa man.
That is super big picture.
Can you remove the Image Tag and just post URL?

So they can’t do the curved edge for you? :sad:

Ask moreadon though.
He from Australia too.
And got his done from local guy for 20 AU$.

HOLY FU*K that image is massive my bad.

here is the url:

and yea i also commented to him, he ddint reply back, and damn $20 is such a nice deal, hope he can hook me up and i can pay for the shipping :S

Can’t you just Edit your Post to get rid of Image?
It so big. :sad:

I think moreadon will get back to you.
He was on just like two hours ago.

I would also like to know this, as I too am from aus, and wouldn’t mind getting a second TE to mod, but it’s too expensive getting art + plexi from arthobbies.